Saturday, 26 August 2017

Cook Up Saturday

Getting a few meals cooked up for the freezer. Half way there but a couple more batches to do. Leaves me with a big choice of what to cook each evening and reduces the risk of ending up at the high quality chippy round the corner!

I try to attempt new recipes from time to time and this month involved me having to use Google while shopping to work out where to find an ingredient from my list and exactly what it was!!

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ed Sheeran On Loop

Heard some controversy from Glasto about Ed Sheeran using a loop pedal and people complaining about his music not being live as a result. Then a friend explained to me exactly how it worked while we watched a video. True it isn't live, but only a few seconds old as it's recorded and then played back. He builds up the tracks through recording the live sections as he shows in this video. He only needs to be out by a milli second and it's all out. It's what gives his music such an edgy and fresh feel. His talent is breath taking.

Ed Sheeran Looping

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This song caught my ear, not for the first time, on the drive home today. Thought it was just a good old break up song about coming out of a bad relationship and finding the liberty of living again after being unhappy. But there is a bit more to it than that and when I've had a think I'll get back to you. Meanwhile enjoy the music

Kesha Latest

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First World Problem

I've tried to streamline my tupperware drawer (oh yes I have one devoted to their storage) by reducing the types of boxes to a small handful. Or so I thought until I found my tops between different generic were not compatible. So I need to decide which shop is going to stock future tupperware purchases and give that the Royal charter. Going to be the one with the colourful lids...Wilkos every time!

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Maccy on American Words

Shared this with friends just come back from the US. Makes me laugh; I hope this isn't disrespectful!

Hello It's Me

Been listening to Adele and somehow inspired me to start writing again. Yes it's been an incredibly long time since last post. A lot of brain power been taken up with studying and taking exams and plenty other stuff being going on....but as regular readers will know I don't talk about my specific stuff, just general stuff!!

Well I've been thinking a lot recently about contentment. There are always going to be things which rob me of my joy in knowing Jesus. If only this was different/that hadn't happened....well we all have our own lists. But true joy and gladness is only found in Jesus. There is no circumstance which comes into my life which causes that not to be true. The best days, the worst days, the blah days are all still covered by his wonderful grace and constant help and presence.

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