Saturday, 20 February 2016

Facebook Guidelines

So finally returned to Facebook after nearly a year off...became a strong advocate of Facebook abstinence and actually did a lot of good.  Gone slightly into return overkill especially as coupled with the Nephew's 1st birthday so being tagging and posting photographs.

Feel the need of some Facebook guidelines. Would I be Miss Anna if I didn't have to overthink this?!!
  • don't post emotionally... no proper rants (pretend allowed)
  • don't post when tired or hungry
  • don't make diary arrangements on someone's wall (use Whatsapp instead)
  • don't carry on a conversation on a wall for more than 2 comments (use Whatsapp instead)
  • don't use Facebook for conflict resolution (use....Face to Face instead)
  • don't use Facebook to access help (use Real Friends instead....ouch Sarcy!)
That'll do for eagle eyed and pull me up if I transgress from my rules...or just laugh at my FB overthinking!!

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