Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How Did I Manage?

I am old enough to remember life as an adult where I didn't have a mobile phone. I can't remember how it worked. I am imagining it went something like this:

  • if I wanted to arrange something with someone I'd pick up the phone and arrange a time and place to meet
  • if I was running late I'd just have to run faster
  • if I wanted to cancel at the last minute I'd have to either not turn up or honor my original arrangement
  • while I was with them I gave them 100% whole attention with no distractions 
  • when I left them that was it until the next phone call/time we met
They say that less is more. I wonder if we over communicate these days but really don't say any more than in the "olden days."

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Honesty Works!

Read a while ago about dealing with conflict in relationships (all, not just the big R ones) and the way we tend to withdraw and back off when there is a hint of conflict. The challenge was to move towards the other person and sort things out rather than hiding away and protecting oneself in a shell. Sounded great on paper but much harder to implement in practice. But, the challenge has been chipping away at me throughout the year. I've made small progress, obviously softly softly and with tact! I can look back at a small handful of situations where I opted for resolution rather than retreat....and was glad I did. Hopefully it'll get easier with time...but I suspect it'll be a lifetime of trial and error.

Honesty is the best policy...in practice.

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It's Just One Day

...an ordinary day just like any other. And so unlike the simplicity of the reason behind it... a dirty stable with a pair of weary travellers and the birth of the saviour of the world.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Sleep Hygiene Summarised

I can wax lyrical about the benefits of sleep hygiene and all it can do to improve your sleep patterns. However as I'll say to the next person who complains of being tired then admits to a late night on a school night:

"you gotta be in it to win it"

Night, sweet dreams...

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Most things are an awful lot better once you've talked them through with a friend...especially if it turns out they momentarily know you better than you know yourself!

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