Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Jesus Stuff Summarised

Hi ya all (sorry been getting too hooked on an American box set lol).

I could spend hours talking about Jesus and everything he's done for me but you wouldn't want to listen to me yarning on...

You gotta listen up!

The Gap Of Eternity

And, FTR, if you're happy to listen then I'm happy to long as there's a good supply of builders tea!!

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015


There are some days you're just glad to get over and done with and wake afresh tomorrow. Today was one of them...  a reminder though of God's goodness and many mercies even with challenges on all sides!

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Rain Forecast

Thought I'd look at the short term weather forecast:

Sunday: Rain
Monday: Rain
Tuesday: Rain
Wednesday: Rain
Thursday: Rain
Friday: Rain
Saturday: Rain
Sunday: Rain

Not got the courage to check any further ahead...especially as I work further North with a rainfall which greatly exceeds here!

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Facebook Departed

It's been about 8 months before I removed myself from the world of Facebook. Apart from popping on to share Cake and IceCream/see photos of the cutey nephew. Or if noseyness gets the better of me!

So how's life been different? Well I've missed things, photos, news...ooohhh you're not on Facebook? So people have learnt to tell me stuff by actually talking to me directly/email/Whatsapp/text. Feels like my friendships are the richer for communicating directly or not as a recipient of the masses.

Less is more I guess.

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Very British Problems

I gave this my rapt attention for the duration of it's 3 hours play back in the summer. Very simple formula....give a dozen or so comedians/actors/journalists a morning to go through a handful of common "British problems" and record their anecdotal replies. Classic!

This is a small taste: Seeing People You Don't Want To Talk To...I just know too many people, like everywhere and it's not that at the right time on the right day it would all go fine but I am just not always in the right place to be friendly!! Never used the mobile phone trick mind...

If you've not seen the series I recommend catching YouTube legitimate?

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Hi ya all

Takes a lot of bad weather to get the better of me but the last week has really challenged my optimistic view of even the toughest weather. Started the week in thick fog, ended in torrential rain and now there's a fair handful of gusts to really throw it in your face. Good thing to blame for not completing next section of running training mind! And there are shortage of conversation topics...and a good excuse to curl up on a Sunday afternoon with an unending supply of brews and a good box set.

How typical of first entry in months to be on the very British!

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