Friday, 10 July 2015

Sometimes You Just Want To Hear A Happy Song

Avicii Wake Me Up
Sometimes you just need a happy song to listen to...mind probably best to not watch the video as not quite as Happy as Mr Pharell!

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So How's It Going?

There has been a deafening silence on the old running topic.

Well it has been happening, slightly curtailed by the hot weather and being away on holiday nephew visiting (have I told you about my cute nephew...ooohhhh no don't get me'll be submerged in pics and videos).

Plan to get running shoes on tomorrow/soon. Had a couple of chats with friends about couch (potato) to 5K and going to use some of the principles in my own training programme. Does really help to be able to go running once a week with a couple of colleagues who won't accept my excuses for not going...I can be pretty inventive!

To be continued...

Stationary Addiction

Part of the road to recovery is facing up to the problem and being honest with yourself.

Well, I'm using this arena to own up to my main addiction in life....stationary. It has so may forms...from attractive notelets, to cute postcards, to Filofax accessories, to funky PostIts to a pristine and new notebook. Sigh, the list just goes on and on. Scared myself on a recent visit to London how much more temptation there is in the big O with more variety, even in the smaller shops. Managed to limit my spoke mostly to greetings speaks an addict minimizing the addiction.

I know of a small handful of fellow addicts so I look forward to seeing them and sharing what I saw and smelled in those amazing stationary shops. And dream of what I could have bought had I less self control!

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