Tuesday, 23 June 2015


It's that thing that stops you moving off the sofa you've collapsed into post work combined with a full stomach and early evening fatigue kicking in. All the plans made previously are looking like they are going to flutter out the window as you change into a couch potato.

No, no, no this is not going to happen; I am worth more than this. I can make plans and fulfill them even combating the low level drowsiness caused by food and a good old sit down.

So for the people at work today who I told I was going on a run this evening...yes I am, I will, I will,I will.

Some life admin whilst tea settles (I can't run on an empty stomach) then time to get those running shoes on so I can run into the sunset!!!

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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ironing Piles

There are a number of ways to approach ironing. The following list descends in laziness...you can quietly decide where you are on this spectrum:

  • wash, dry, iron, put away
  • wash, dry, throw unto ironing pile, iron weekly, put away
  • wash, dry, throw unto ironing pile, iron minimally, survive on clothes needing no ironing, put away
  • wash dry, throw unto ironing pile, begin to wonder where clothes are disappearing to, do a revival ironing drive to bring back to life clothes from deep down in the pile, put away
So I guess when it comes to piles..The only way is up!

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Good Day

Lots of good food, on the plate (nutritional) and from the Bible (spiritual) and good friends. All in all a good day. Makes up for the lack of good weather.