Saturday, 20 June 2015

Out Of The Blue Take On Ed Sheeran

Once again they deliver. A small portion of the group here doing a rendition of Ed Sheeran "Thinking Out Loud" which surely rivals the original. I never tire of looking up both new and old material from these guys. They sure have raw talent!

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(more.... Shakira, Clean Bandit, Mariah Carey )

The Running Game

So there have been a few abortive attempts but there has been some activity in this area over the last few weeks. Not quite enough runs to count on two hands but enough to take up most of one hand.

Kick started due to a lunchtime running group at work...there's something about other people asking if you're going which encourages you to go and not dip out! Only sorry to my colleagues who have to share an office with me for the rest of the afternoon...

To be continued...

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Blogger's Blog Undone

So you regulars know how it is. Months of proliferate posting followed by months of silence.

What brought me back this time?
  • A rainy Saturday?
  • A tidy/clean house (those who know me well know that could never be completely the reason...)?
  • A pink sofa (yes it is and yes I love it!)
  • A first time nephew (don't get me started...I'll be here for hours!)?
  • Sunday lunch in final stages of prep on a Saturday afternoon (yes organization doesn't always evade me!)?
Nope, none  of the above.

It was this:

Happy Leona Lewis

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Takes me back to a very difficult time in my life when circumstances were tough.This song inspired me to dream of a better place.

Am I there now? Sure thing! God has been very good to me, blessed my life with so much especially Jesus.