Wednesday, 9 December 2015

THE Christmas Letter

So I started a Christmas letter and it caused me such high levels of nausea I decided to abandon and do a more general blog post which will hopefully allow you to experience the same levels of health at the beginning as at the end.

I think that what I find difficult is measuring achievement and the balance between "doing" and being". It was a useful exercise to start a Christmas letter because it helped me to reflect on how much had happened in the year but also how little in many ways. There have been a few "showstoppers" along the way but much has been mundane and ordinary. I think that's the case for many of us unless we're on a A celebrity list. However, for me, a very happy and contented ordinary. I am so thankful for all the good things God has showered on my life and the way he has kept me through the last few years, at times, through very difficult circumstances. Most important I've walked through another year with Jesus.I don't want to keep you for too much longer but left some other posts below about what being a Christian means to me.

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a blessed and peaceful New Year.

Last Year's (2014) Christmas Speech From Miss Anna

30th Birthday Speech

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