Saturday, 1 August 2015

Short Memory

It's amazing how we have such short memories when it comes to pain. This applies to the big things, and the small things. I won't dwell on the big things but I am sure we have all gone through incredibly painful experiences yet a wee while after and the intensity of the pain is forgotten mostly apart from time to time.

Well, a small and trivial one for me. Last weekend I climbed up Penyghent with some friends.

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Within 15 minutes of starting I realized two things:  1) training on flat terrain wasn't going to cut it for the climb ahead 2) my friends (including a 10 year old) were a lot fitter than me.

It was tough but I made it to the top, with a lot of help from friends encouraging me, pushing me up the hill (yes literally) and my own sense of pride. But it was agony along the way. Felt the pain for 3 days. Never again...

Until I watched a series of programmes on the Pennine Way. We walked a short part of this last Saturday on the way back. It looks lovely...that is something I would like to do sometime.


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