Saturday, 20 June 2015

Blogger's Blog Undone

So you regulars know how it is. Months of proliferate posting followed by months of silence.

What brought me back this time?
  • A rainy Saturday?
  • A tidy/clean house (those who know me well know that could never be completely the reason...)?
  • A pink sofa (yes it is and yes I love it!)
  • A first time nephew (don't get me started...I'll be here for hours!)?
  • Sunday lunch in final stages of prep on a Saturday afternoon (yes organization doesn't always evade me!)?
Nope, none  of the above.

It was this:

Happy Leona Lewis

Image result for happy leona lewis

Takes me back to a very difficult time in my life when circumstances were tough.This song inspired me to dream of a better place.

Am I there now? Sure thing! God has been very good to me, blessed my life with so much especially Jesus.

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