Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year Resolutions

Only skin deep are the normal ones we make. Don't deal with the main problem, the problem of our heart. We may be able to put on a nice veneer but when we scratch deeper and examine motives and drives well can we really say we always get it right? We may not act on our sinful desires but God sets the bar high and says it is enough to have hated even if not killed. To have lusted even if not committed adultery. To have coveted even if not stolen. Enough? Enough to have fallen short of his standards and be separated from him by the guilt of sin.

Would be cruel to leave it there but such is the goodness and grace of God that he hasn't left us lost in our sin. He has sent Jesus to die for everyone who will just turn from their sin and ask him to save them. And keep forgiving them for all the times they continue to mess up.

I could talk all day of my wonderful saviour and all he's done for me!

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