Saturday, 27 December 2014

Compare And Contrast

Spring isn't coming fast enough for me especially on a cold and damp winter's day. I know which of those shots I prefer. However still the most beautiful place in the whole entire world!

My New Favourite Blog - Converge

Tidying has gone to the bottom of the queue prioritised over by chilling. Always another later next year!

Found a link on Facebook to an older article by this blogger but had a look around the blog and it's a goldmine. This one just made me laugh! Plenty more serious articles covering a whole load of topics.

Real Love v Insta Love

Freeloading Hospitality

All I did was to text and say I'd like to pop round the next day and ended up being part of a big family meal thing...that isn't really freeloading is it?!! I comfort myself that I have been on an open invite with this family for a couple of months and this was the first time I made it. Good time to choose when there were two puddings though...There is a real danger when I go and rescue my car after church tomorrow (small glass of wine and paranoia of being breathalysed) I'll be subject to a lunch invite...which I will strongly refuse.

Spontaneous Tidying

...nope, that's the one thing that has to be planned. Superficially all looks good but it's what's behind closed doors which needs to be sorted.

Tomorrow? Or the day after?

What We Want In A Friendship?

Had a brief chat with a couple of "besties" last night and we were getting a bit soppy (we each go back a long way with each other) and one of them said something which is worthy of being repeated. She said:

"all we want in a friendship is to feel like we can be ourselves, that the other person accepts us for who we are and we can trust them. "

That's a paraphrase...but you know she's pretty much hit the nail on the head. And if we're really honest, well when we find that with someone it's really special and something to be treasured.


Why does home smell so good? I am so hooked on smells to the extent I have a smell to go to sleep to. Honestly!!!

Been great to be with the family for a couple of days but happy to be home now with some holiday ahead. So ready for a good rest after a manic term. Planning for spontaneity; you see, ah, even when I'm trying to be spontaneous I have to plan!! I am trying so hard to break away from my tendency to plan; found that when I do that the nicest things can happen.

Looking forward to a slightly less hectic New Year when I'll have time to be more hospitable and do what I love best..being a "feeder." And hopefully making good smells! And expose friends to my unique brand of hospitality...they normally come back a second time....

Who I Am?

Reflecting with a "bestie" last night on how much God has done in my life, particularly in the last couple of years. Been through some very hard times and there is no guarantee those won't come again one day. But she reminded me that I needed to remember all that God had taught me through those dark times of his goodness and faithfulness. So much learnt which has changed me, week by week, page by page, at church as the Bible has been carefully explained.

As it says in this song "not because of who I am but because of who you are"...

Who I Am? - Casting Crowns

Friday, 26 December 2014

Only Stupid People out completely of toilet rolls.

Only really stupid people realise this when it's too late.

I do take some comfort from the fact I anticipate the problem ahead of time and made alternative plans.

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

....but not perhaps as the light is fading on a bitterly cold and damp winter afternoon?!! Looking forward to spring and summer sunsets but this will have to do for the winter part.


For "Anne" Fans

Too much time on my hands gives me time to indulge in some Anne of Green Gables digging. If you can reach 1 minute on this without welling up then you're not a true Anne-Ite,

Anne Of Green Gables Soundtrack part 1

Only reached 28 seconds on this one..

Last Part Of Anne Of Green Gables

Boxing Day Rush hour

Felt like just another Saturday morning grabbing a table in most frequented Italian coffee shop whilst working out which shops to venture out to. For someone who loathes shopping well chuffed to secure a bargain without too much trauma...something I really "needed." But good to be out the metropolis and looking forward to some time in the country this afternoon...hopefully with a pub/coffee shop mind!

Breakfast Cruelty

So decided this morning to have peanut butter on toast for breakfast after shortlisting from a variety of options. I was happy with this, looking forward to it, nothing like a change.

Then, I picked up the jar and read of another variety of spread they offer...."lightly whipped chocolate" spread. Dissatisfaction kicked in and felt like a long time making my way through that solitary slice of toast...with no chocolate in sight.