Saturday, 13 December 2014

Correct Prediction

And I now predict that Fleur will be the winner of X Factor 2014...

X Factor Prediction

Fleur and Ben make it through until tomorrow. Goodbye Andrea....erm we'll see.

Girly Day Out

  • packed lunch. CHECK
  • warm clothes. CHECK
  • directions. Tom Tom. CHECK
Can't wait to see Mr Darcy!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

For Trekkies

Not remotely a trekkie; only what was absorbed during formative years from a trekkie sibling. And an awesome Star Trek game which I wasted hours playing.

But even I can appreciate this is funny: Make It So

God Is Good

God is always good to his children even in the hardest of circumstances but today I thank him for 5 exams completed in just over 2 months. It was a big ask but then I have a big God!

Worth The Embarrassment

Walked into the cinema earlier this evening and had to make an embarrassing request: one ticket to see Paddington please. No token children in tow, just for me!

It was great. Lots of laughs, feel good stuff and plot not too complicated which is always an advantage for moi!

Image result for paddington bear movie

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Choose Sleep, Choose Sleep

Would be great to face a long exam tomorrow having had a good night's sleep. Not got a great track record in this department but me and SAGE have a long established working relationship so it will be fine. But it would really be the cherry on the icing on the cup cake to be vaguely awake.

So bye bye bright hyperactive electric screens and hello sleep hygiene. You are sleepy, you are sleee.........zzz


Word on the street is Sunday was a corker. Yet to watch it. Sssshhhhh no spoilers please.

You know the long as Saul stays alive I keep watching. If he gets killed then it's curtains.

X Factor Injustice

Why is this guy not in the finals??? You are still the best!! What a voice. Can't wait to see you sing live...don't forget to perform soon in your home town.

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Akister