Saturday, 22 November 2014

X Factor

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie....when are you going to go? Even Louis didn't enjoy your performance tonight.

You can't's a singing competition. Please British public don't vote for him so that another good singer goes. I know you like the underdog but this is taking things too far.

Come back next year on Britain's Got Talent...I'll vote for you there but no more X Factor..please...

Target Reached

Made it to the finishing line...eaten up, digested and chucked out every scrap of exam paper practice I can find. All that's left now is the ultra last minute cramming which is the signature characteristic of Miss Anna exam technique.

Irish Perspective

All that's in my head is getting revision done and dusted so I can access some part of this weekend for R&R and be able to enjoy the best day of the week tomorrow.

But popping on Facebook (inter-revision) I find that a certain Irish friend has thoughts on a much higher plane. Rugby. Apparently they're doing pretty well according to the rapid succession of postings on the match this afternoon. Happy for him and his Irish counterparts.

However I draw a line here:

40 points in 40 minutes - be still my beating heart! Ireland 20 : Australia 20.

You don't, even loosely, quote the lyrics of U2 songs in the context of Rugby matches. Just plain wrong. (aka In A Little While, U2)


Friday, 21 November 2014


Sometimes I need poking out of a rut.

The rut of forgetting what my life is really about and that I live to serve and love a wonderfully big God who is so amazing beyond words and who has proved his goodness to me in every single way but most of all in saving me by sending Jesus.

So stop fretting about all the little things Miss Anna and keep your eyes on the one who has every detail worked out and can be totally, totally trusted and is an awesome God of love and goodness.

And smile!!!!

O Great God

Thursday, 20 November 2014

John Legend Tops The Chart

Not looked much into this artist but heard this song on an advert and remembered it was one I had been meaning to look up for a while. Just a gritty down to earth ballad showing the simplicity and beauty of falling in love. Good for girls to remember that you don't have to be a flashy super model to be in love but someone will fall head over heals seeing and cherishing the real you flaws and all. Can't comment from a male perspective but suspect they're not quite as full to the brim with insecurities as girls often battle with!

When All Of Me Loves All Of You

Post Revision Elation

What do you do with that buzz when you've put in a good revision session and that's the quota for the day?

Look at the out what time you need set alarm for ambitious pre-work session in the morning, wash up, get the washing out, make packed when did I become a grown up?!!

Blond Moments

I could a blog in it's own right with the number of blond moments I have in a day. Provides much amusement for those around but not always quite so funny...maybe until after the event!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I think I'm going to be seeing if any of my friends who are parents would like some adult company when they take their kids to see, not even I with my successful track record of solo cinema visitation could go and see a Paddington film without a child!

Paddington Trailer

Princess Syndrome Strikes Again

Mega excited to be booking my plane tickets to go see my gorgeous friend who lives in Milan in the spring. Happy days when she married a lovely Italian but sad to say goodbye but happy to have a new holiday destination. And with a small but growing family lots of Italian baby cuteness too!!

That's where the background music changes from "It's a beautiful day" to "Why does it always rain on me?"

Thanks to computers....ggrrrrrhhhhh, baaaaaa laptop is only in one piece because I chose not to lob it through the front window. 10mins before planned to start revision session earlier this evening. Found the date and flight on the website which claimed it would only take 3 mins...40 mins later I was booked. Rynair do not produce the easiest to follow booking system...if you DON'T want to buy every kind of insurance plus a fleet of hire cars. But got through that...up to payment button shut down. For real? Yeps!

The meltdown wasn't a happy sight, the whole carousal of frustrated mutterings, tears and the melodramatic works. Partially rescued by walking away and making a brew. And somewhere in all of this the realisation that here was Princess Syndrome rearing it's ugly head again and maybe the King was just throwing out a small reminder that he's got bigger plans for my life than everything going according to my timetable.

"All things" in the verse below includes everything from the biggest heartache, most wonderful joy, everything in between and certainly includes temperamental laptops. And definitely wonderful holidays in the sun with some awesome Italians.

Wish List Addition

A new addition...

A "bin day fairy" who will sort the recycling, chuck the bin into the back alley and traipse the recycling boxes through the house...and do the same in reverse post collection. Oh yes I think that would be just great!

And me? Oh I'll be curled up on the sofa in the lovely warm.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Smitten With A Kitten

Some of my readers are just going to fall off their chair when they read this...knowing my track record with this particular animal.

Yesterday they would have witnessed me sat on a sofa, arm across the next seat with....a kitten sat on it purring away. There was lots of playing and friendly banter too.

Early days but volunteered to feed him over Christmas so showing signs of commitment already!!

Clean Bandit Hits Again

These guys bring the finesse of classically trained musicians and pop it to perfection. Put them with Jess Glynn and you've got awesome music.

Not a bad love song either...good be sneaking into the Miss Anna top 10 ;).

Real Love