Friday, 14 November 2014

Fawlty Towers Fave

I was asked today which one was my favourite. Well, with my limited attention span I work in clips and it turns out my favourite clip is contained within the episode which is John Cleese's...what can I say about my good taste?

If time is short then fast forward for the Hotel Inspector Speech at 50 seconds. I am certain this gentleman later retrained as an OFSTED inspector; he has that glint in his eye.

Literally LOL!!!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Exam Prep Update

Yeah well it seems the first 2 were harder than the next 2 and the final 1 isn't looking too bad either. But Miss Anna exam prep wouldn't be the real deal without the last minute panic/angst/disaster scenario then it's all good on the day. Oh yes but we leave driving tests out of that don't we?!

Heard the partner of Frankie Bridge aka Strictly (oh no I do not watch THAT...I'm an X factor girl) being interviewed on the radio this morning. He was asked what was the best thing about having Frankie as his partner and the worst?

Best: the way she always pulled out an amazing performance on the night
Worst: she only let him know this then and he spent most of the week thinking it was going to be a flop.


That Way Out

Slept well, got out the house on time, work went well, all good really. Apart from me just being "that way out" today. Must be the grumpiness of old age setting in. Applying "Anne" psychology to this one:

"Tomorrow is always a fresh day with no mistakes in it...well none yet"

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Princess Syndrome Strikes Again

Wherever I look she's not far behind. Regular C&IC readers will be well familiar with this spoilt little brat who makes a regular appearance, the alter ego of Miss Anna.

Well that right little foot has had a few opportunities to stomp recently. How's it's being going then beating the Princess Syndrome? Got to be honest there have been ups and downs and no-where an A*. But it's slowly dawning that wanabee Princess Anna is actually not in control of her little kingdom because there's a King in charge of the land that is her life. And he loves her too much to let her carry on in the same selfish/self centered/self reliant patterns. He wants her to love and trust him even when things don't go to plan. We're talking baby steps but what a kind and patient teacher he is.

Next instalment to follow...meantime read a Bible near you for more info. Princess Syndrome is just a specific manifestation of a general problem...Sin.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Baby Boom!!

Enjoying all the baby talk around at the moment...from months from birth, to nearly there, to just been born... a lot of baby cuteness around.

There's going to be one very excited Miss Aunty Anna in February...

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Becoming A Christian In A Sentence

"One day I realised that I was a sinner who was lost and I needed Jesus and I asked him to save me....and life has never been the same since."

 Knowing Jesus is the best thing in the world over and above anything and everybody else and through life's ups and downs My Redeemer Is Faithful and True (Steven Curtis Chapman).

Falling In Love Again...

...I keep falling in love with love songs and there's never been one like it before...last one wasn't the real deal after all, what was I thinking about...long forgotten...!

Woken up by this song last week on my alarm and had to resist the urge to sing it all day at work. Hadn't realised it was Ed Sheeran as can take or leave him but this is awesome. And the video is fairly tasteful.

Thinking Out Loud

Getting Ready For Christmas???

What was meant to be a low maintenance Sunday lunch ended up taking a festive look when it came to the big serve up. OK there's a load of stuff missing and things there which you wouldn't find on a Christmas dinner but it created a lot of happiness in my dinner companions and a general festive post dinner drowsiness (that was the half bottle of red wine in the stew!). It was only the entertaining company that kept people awake. Oh yes and watching Lancaster's X factor hopeful who as I write is still in the competition but may not make it to the end of the night...