Sunday, 12 October 2014

"Our Paul" Does It Again!

My, this guy can sing. Not biased or anything because he comes from Lancaster. Nope he can really sing. What is endearing is how he doesn't seem to realise how good he is. And with this performance in week 1 of the live shows here's to hoping he'll be around right through to the final: a wonderful rendition of Ella Henderson Ghost...

Ghost, Paul Akister

Sunday Evening Critique

do not agree with my literary Facebook friend who posted the following last night:

The high-point of Homeland Season 3: the non-ironic use of a 'fallen-hero-returns-to-form-for-one-last-mission' training montage.The low-point of the season: basically the rest of it.

Some people just have no taste!!

American Pancakes

They are the new way forward in the Miss Anna household for lazy weekend breakfasts. Scrummy yummy, I was inspired after having them with bacon in Manchester for breakfast on my travels this week. And thanks to Google from first thought to on the plate in only a matter of minutes. Oh my, the tablet is going to age early due to being taken into the kitchen for spontaneous recipe downloads!!  It did say they made 6-8 but mine only made 2...Monster American Pancakes!

Best Part Of Today?

By far, the highlight I can confidently predict will be church this morning. Spending time with my Christian friends, worshipping God together and the wonderful privilege of hearing God speak as his word is opened. I remember a Christian friend who is no longer with us saying that Sunday mornings were the only part of the week where there was a sense of reality for him. I have to say I agree; we live in a crazy and unpredictable world; the only place we hear pure solid truth is from the Bible. Good to be reminded of what an awesome God we have and how powerful and in complete control he is. All the anxieties and concerns I may be carrying into Sunday morning get 1000 times smaller in the face of a loving sovereign God who is concerned with all the small details of my life. Why fret when I can just trust him?! He's brought me through some pretty tricky, difficult and dark days in the past so I can trust him to continue in the future.