Saturday, 11 October 2014

Eric Morecambe In Trouble

Yet again my local area reaches the national news headlines for the wrong reasons.

I actually thought this was a wind up when I say a news flash pop up on my Facebook newsfeed. That was a few hours ago; this is now  trending at the top of the twitter rankings. Someone tried to steal the Eric Morecambe statue in Morecambe...ITV News. Why?? Hoping for inspiration for stand up comedy?

On a more positive note "our Paul" from Lancaster is singing on the X Factor live shows for the first time tonight. As is becoming usual me and my friend are keeping our Saturday night vigil next to the TV. You really would think we were a couple of teenagers!! Apart from the local novelty he actually can sing and really well. Let's see what he does tonight with Ella Henderson, Ghost. How many times are you allowed to vote then???

Johnny Cash Sings The Gospel

Beautiful hymn and effortlessly sung by Johnny Cash. The gospel is so simple...we just need to feel our sin and our need of a saviour. Jesus has done everything for us:

Pithy Relationship Advice...

Relationships are where the rigorous laws of mathematics just don't add up:

1/2 + 1/2 does not equal 1(two halves do not make a whole; if you're not content and happy being single then chances are you won't be with a other half)

1 + 1 equals 1 (marriage)

1 + 1 equals 3, 4, 5 (family)

Always thrills me when I read Genesis to find marriage as one of the first things that God made..after he'd created the world. He made man with a deep need for relationship and stated that before he created Eve:

The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2 v 18

So wanting that special person to share your life with is actually a God given desire. Just make sure you use it to make the right choices and don't settle for anyone less than the right person.

Facebook Funny

I think is something more for the parents to laugh out than try. Surely?!

Swifty Phenomenon

If I hear this song Shake It Off, Taylor Swift on the way to work on the radio them I'm in trouble for the rest of the day. And even more when I've watched the video!

When I first heard it I loathed it. But after repeated exposure it's gotten under my skin.

Unfortunately singing and dancing to Taylor Swift is not compatible with my serious, sedentary role in an open plan office. Neither is singing or humming for that matter. 

Have to save that for when I get home!!! Another addition to my dream home...a dance studio. 

Go Swifty!!

Neat Parking

A bit of nifty navigation got me from work to the train station at rush hour with just 2 minutes to spare until the train from London arrived carrying my parents from over 7 weeks away in Spain. Nearly foiled at the final hurdle by no parking spaces at either side of the train station. But spotted a tight space on the street and made it in one! Sprinted on the platform just as the train was leaving. 

So good to see my folks. But also a deep satisfaction to have done a bit of good parking. With a growing reputation for shoddy work in this area some self respect has been regained!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Relaxing Weekend Claimed

As far as within my power I hereby declare this is going to be a chilled and relaxed weekend. Yeps, well Saturday will be. Sunday will be a tad more manic but connected with my favourite time of the week; church on Sunday morning. How's that for a picture for the current sermon series?!!

Moorlands Intro Video

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Cake Disaster

I may have conquered a very tricky trial balance question in my exam today but on a very simple matter of how much sugar to add to a cake mixture I failed miserably. Putting in the right quantity of sugar once is enough...a second addition of the same amount results in a horrendous foaming mess. Rather than my usual yummy lemon drizzle...what shame for a wanabee Great British Bake Off contestant!!

Hoping a good night's sleep will recalibrate my brain so I can have a non eventful day tomorrow!!!

And Relax.......

Bagged two exams this week. Only three more to do before mid December.

Can't begin to describe the relief as resits would have been really tough going. And it would have been just a tad embarrassing! My heart is just overflowing with thankfulness with God's goodness in giving me the strength and perseverance to revise.

So a very weary but happy Miss Anna is going to sleep very soon.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Good To Be Back!!!

How I've missed you "C&IC" and thought of you often. Just been a bit busy preparing for exams. In fact, with first one today should be doing some last minute cramming at the moment. Except it wouldn't be last minute as exam isn't until 2pm!!!

But throwing myself mentally into accounting bits and pieces just isn't the same as spending time on my lovely blog. So going to be getting back to ya much more in the next few days and weeks. If you've been logging on now and again to see what's going down in the life of Miss Anna then your patience will be rewarded. As usual it won't be very much but just the crazy bits and pieces which find their way onto these pages.

Music has been moving on in my blogging absence. Current favourite is "Say You Love Me" Jessie Ware. Got a posting coming on this giving some depth of thought to it but for now, enjoy:

Jessie Ware, Say You Love Me