Monday, 15 September 2014

Secret Of Contentment

A few things bugging me at the moment. You know I like to keep things general so won't share specifics. But we're not talking one off things, ongoing difficulties...

So as I was working/day dreaming today I remembered something a Godly friend once shared with me that she'd read:

A Godly person gains everything they can from a situation trusting God that's where they're meant to be at that time...

Well, words to that effect!! And I had a bit of a Eureka office in the middle of my open plan office floor. I realised that I don't need to fret about all these situations and what is going on with them. I can just trust God I'm where he's placed me and get on with serving him there.

Sure that sounds easy doesn't it?!! Still a lot to work through but not a bad place to start from.

BTW I didn't shout out Eureka at work!!!

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Found this amazing talent by accident as I heard her performance in the radio 1 live lounge as part of more music in September. What a voice!

Prayer in C

Macaroni Cheese Therapy

Macaroni cheese is the stuff of comfort food. For those days when you're in need of...well, comfort food. Stoke up the carbs with chips and add a bit of tomato ketchup...well you can see why I'm more of a savoury face than sweet toothed.

Just made 9 portions to pop away in the freezer. There for the days when I'm going to really need it, and when I'd quite like it. No kidding...the thought will pop into my mind just as I leave work and think, what for tea? And I'll smile...

googled this but believe me, mine will taste way better!

Old Friends, New Friends

I know I keep going on about the same theme but I do love my friends and the way they enrich my life.

Spent a couple of hours this evening with some friends I've known for over a decade and some I've known only a few months.

Just a great end to the weekend and good start to the week.

Stuff That Gets In The Way

I am regularly coming into contact with things that get in the way. Things that halt my progress...ruin my plans....crop up at the wrong time.

So to give some examples...

  1. the car that sets off in front of me at 30mph on a national speed limit section of road on my way home from work where are few safe places to overtake
  2. a pile of invoices which land on my desk just before month end making it really hard to meet the deadline
  3. the unexpected things which happen when I've finally got myself into a routine of revising for my exams
  4. the phone call I have to make to get something sorted where I have to go through a million security questions...then get cut off and have to go through the whole process again
I'm being honest here...nothing very exciting but that's what's being going on for me recently. 

So, in all these things there is a general principle at work and it related to "Princess Syndrome" (as previously described). To use example 1, as I set off from work I already have the programme for the evening sorted out...when I'm going to do what, eat what, see who etc....This driver is stopping me getting that actioned as soon as possible. I'll only be home 5 mins later but that is 5 mins too much for me!!

Coming to the conclusion that a new attitude needs to be adopted to these situations. Because actually, it's not all about me and my plans and what I feel I need to achieve (even if well meaning). It's about Jesus and how he wants me to grow to be more like him and let my circumstances mould my character rather than being things that get in the way of the master plan.

So (4) was something that happened today. And I wasn't as patient as I could be but definitely  a different attitude to the whole thing. Probably better for my blood pressure but also did it because I love Jesus and want to please him. That really is a life worth living! And for all the other times when I'm going to get it wrong he'll be there ready with his love and forgiveness when I'm back on my knees again. I could just burst with all his goodness to me!!

Maybe I'm just learning to appreciate better the "stuff that gets in the way"...