Thursday, 4 September 2014


Setting one’s hope on God alone; not the lessening of pain or the improvement of circumstances is the only ultimate remedy for despair. 

Paul Tautges, 1 Sept 2014 - When Christians Despair

Studying After A Day At Work

So how's that going for me?

It's going but it's tough. If it's a topic I'm comfortable I whizz through but there are a couple of chapters which are causing me considerable mental agony at the moment. Going to give them a good try tonight. I have other options if they don't work out, including an accountant buddy!

Go to it Miss Anna...sooner you start the sooner you can finish...

Hi Guys I'm Still Here!

Been busy, busy and my poor little brain just hasn't had any space left to be creative. But decided to force myself back on the blog because I love doing it and it's the ultimate in relaxation.

So hi people. Thank you for still reading. Got a bit of time here and was out for a walk in the lovely sunshine and some thoughts came to mind...we'll see what comes out...