Friday, 29 August 2014

Titanic As Never Heard Before

Here Greg James and Kate Winslet act out the final scene from the Titanic film where Jack and Rose say their final goodbye. Oh my, made me laugh so much!!

Jack and Rose Say Goodbye     (if you liked that another Greg James funny...)

Self Control Overload!!!

Been reflecting recently that I've been trying to change an awful lot of things in my life at the same time.

To name a few, studying again, dieting, taking up running....and not succeeding all the time but making steady progress.

Important to keep the right perspective on these though. The most important thing which needs to change is my heart. And only Jesus can make it whole. So the best change I can make is to get to know Jesus better through reading his word, listening to it being explained in sermons and talking to other Christians about him.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Relationships versus Domestic Bliss

Maybe I'll get to the point where I'm on top of my house completely. Still "way to go"...I could use my time a lot better to make sure I'm more in the zone. But one thing I'm learning...if there is the option of investing in a friendship versus cleaning and tidying. Well, cleaning and tidying can wait while my life is enriched by time with a good friend. No brainer!

Procrastination Has To End Sometime

Done my best to avoid the inevitable but having done a number of tasks in the kitchen, including most of the washing up, I now need to climb the steep stairs to my study and apply myself to a couple of hours of study. I have something to look forward to after if I get everything done. But only if....

Come on Miss off and get on with it!!!