Saturday, 23 August 2014

Out Of The Blue Does It Again

Latest charity single from Out Of The Blue. This time doing Clean Bandit "Rather Be."  If you've seen the video for the original single sure you'll agree they've caught the flavour and added their own twist. Done as part of a couple of weeks doing a summer school in India.

Love them...can't wait for the next one!

Out Of The Blue Clean Bandit

Download the charity single to support Global Dream, a new Literacy Programme based in Lucknow!


Trying to plan less when it comes to social things and just see what happens more and you know what. Some lovely surprises tend to happen. Best one today was popping round to pick up some things from a friend and staying for American pancakes!!

Keeping on planning though when it comes to Sunday lunch invites. Too many people in my church to leave it unplanned. Shame that my cous cous has sell by date of March 2014. Another trip to Sainsburys...3rd one in 24 hours. Not so planned then are we Miss Anna?

Walking With Elephants

Iconic tune of summer 2014. Real tune kicks in just after 1 minute. Loving it...

Walking With Elephants, Ten Walls

Predicted Bloggers Block

I didn't explain this because I hoped it wouldn't need explaining but alas it does.

Recent drying up of posts is not because I've become lazy or been really busy. It's because of medication I have to take which affects the creative parts of my brain. Maybe I'll write about it in detail one day but I wanted to explain. Doesn't mean posts are going to stop, just a bit less. And here's to hoping that less will be more in terms of quality.

You've been warned!!!