Saturday, 16 August 2014

Box Sets

Gradually working my way through box sets. Got one order from a friend and once I've worked my way through them got another source of them to have a go at.

First go has been "Twenty Twelve" which is a spoof of the planning team for the 2012 Olympics. Lots of big belly laughs.

Next, West Wing. Going to have to stay on the ball to keep up!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bring Me Back

Don't you just feel sometimes that you've wandered away from the Lord and you long to be back close but it's too far to go. When in fact all that is waiting for you is love and forgiveness.

Gotta go...can't leave it a minute longer!!

Desert Island Disc

This album comes top of the list. Can't even choose one favourite song from it. It went with me through a very difficult time in my life and revisited it so many times since.

Alive is probably in the top three off it though!

Cliff Richard

Very sad to hear of allegations made against him. He has managed up until now as a Christian in the media spotlight who has been unblemished by scandal. I really hope this turns out to be an unfounded allegation but time will tell.

Guardian Article

Achievement Overload

I am way too driven and achievement orientated which means holidays tend to be a battle between needing to relax and wanting to achieve. Today have not done too well on the achievement side although a few freezer meals have been made to save me from my usual daily appointment with cellophane, plastic containers and the microwave! And the compulsory holiday trip to Matalan has been done. Lots of mega vegging too though. 

It's all about managing expectation. If I don't expect so much of myself then I'll be more happy with what I achieve and won't beat myself up about what I don't achieve. And once I get my new filing cabinet tomorrow...well, that will manage my organisational expectation very well.

Hey Greg!

Been good to be in the car between 4pm to 7pm in the holidays to top up on my normal daily dose of Greg James. He is great company, makes me laugh so much, is really cool and the humour is mostly clean. Today was his rendition of his song about Bishop Stortford. You can find it on the radio 1 website.

Cya tomoz Greg...


Was talking about this topic with some friends today over lunch and found this excellent podcast from CCEF to finish the conversation biblically.

CCEF podcast

Enjoying a wonderful week off work with ambitious plans for home improvements. However I am finding that people and relationships are actually a lot more important than my home being in immaculate order. There is time for both but when people turn up in various situations well, they have to take priority. And my life is richer for it. Having said that, the washing up has been done!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Robin Williams

Robin Williams, someone who had bipolar, found himself in a depressive phase and got to the point where he just couldn't go on. Our hearts go out to his loved ones.

So, go on with what? Didn't he have everything to live for? Talent, amazing achievements, amazing personality and love of his family?

Depression pays no attention to the individual circumstances of it's victim. Whether a prince or a pauper the effects are the same. A personality is stripped of all the light and joy of that makes life worth living, the things which are normally taken for granted are robbed away. There seems no point to anything. There is a huge wall between you and everyone else including those you are normally close to. You see yourself as 2nd rate, even dangerous and a "nobody." Normally the life and soul of the party, you're the one that sits in the corner not speaking to anyone, that's if you even make it out the door.

Only someone who has experienced a period of depression can understand just how awful the reality of depression is. This Guardian article well describes the state of things. And below it a quote from Stephen Fry. Quite a long list of celebrities with bipolar 

Guardian article on Robin Williams and suicide

Monday, 11 August 2014

City Break

So all set for a girly 24 hours in Manchester. Looking forward to having loads of time to shop, eat and generally chill out. Fitting a whole summer holiday into 24 hours! !!! Is Manchester ready??

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Best Night Of The Holidays

Sunday nights!!! No "get ups" in the morning.

Time Management

So this inequality is concerning me...

(no of people I want to see) + (jobs I want to do in the house) + (chill out/sleep time) > 1 week off work

The solution....should have booked 2 weeks!!! No prizes for guessing what part of the inequality I'll be trying to miss out then is there?!

A Thought To Ponder

God chooses his people so we can give them himself

One of the points from tonight's sermon.

Just blowing my mind away thinking about that. 

What else do I need if I have God dwelling in my heart? 
Why do I chase after other things for satisfaction when in Jesus I have everything I need?
Why do I worry about things when every part of my life is in God's hands?

May these truths go with me into a new week and guide all my thinking and actions.

Subway Secret

Pretty cool having a Subway just round the corner from where I live. I will say no more for fear of detection by the diet police. Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.......yum, forgot Monster Munchies (pickled onions) tasted so good!!

Secret Joy

So there's something happening which I am mega excited about but, although I can share it with friends, can't go on social media with it. And as Cake and Ice Cream finds it way onto Facebook at regular intervals going to have to be quiet. But boy, am I smiling???!!!

Church Swap

Going to a different church this evening. As my church doesn't have an evening service this is permitted!!

Really excited as there have been great things happening there in recent times. Also looking forward to seeing the Pastor and his wife who are friends of mine with a lot of mutual friends. They are such a lovely couple and just so Godly and down to earth. As I'm now working very near it'll be good to see what is going on church-wise as may be able to direct people there!!

Time to get on the road soon...glad my friends are doing the driving as not the best weather.