Saturday, 2 August 2014

Winter Dramas

Have this feeling the summer is coming to an end although hope for some sun when I'm on holiday!

One advantage of the winter is all the dramas which will pop up. Already anticipating the return of Downton and Homeland with happiness.

And of course, there's this Saturday night staple: X Factor

Best Bits Of The Week

Been a quiet Saturday with a couple of "touch bases" on the phone, an afternoon nap and got my shopping done. Beyond that, not much achieved but been a good day. This is one of my favourite parts of the weekend; can enjoy a late (ish) night but also look forward to Sunday which is my favourite day of the week.

Carrying on in Mark Chapter 12 verses 13-44. Learning so much from this series in Mark and looking forward to learning more tomorrow.

10am for 10:30am Ripley 6th Form Centre

Messing Up

I've messed up with a situation I handled badly. Feel really silly now but the main thing is to sort it out and try to put things right. Mainly by saying sorry to someone.

To Date Or Not To Date?

...this is the question.

I actually agree with a lot that this article says. However, I think that's really hard for a hormonal teenager to understand!

Should My Middle Schooler Date?

Did It Again!

Alarm went off at 6.10am!!! Fortunatly I could switch it off, turn over and go back to sleep. Happy Days, it's the weekend...

My New Fave Group

So, introduced you to "Out Of The Blue" yesterday with Shakira take off. Loads of other material on YouTube from this Oxford Acapella group so here are the top four here, in no particular order (how Radio 1 do I sound?!)
  1. Let It Snow, Flashmob
  2. Don't Stop Me Now, Queen
  3.  BGT Semi Final 2011
  4. Hips Don't Lie, Shakira

Another Day, Another Hair Cut...

That's the way it is with short hair. Money for hair cuts has to go flying out my purse too frequently even though I push as long as I can between cuts!! That's what comes off trying to keep up with Anne Hathaway...

Friday, 1 August 2014

Being Hospitable

This is written for the girls but equally good for the boys. Such an encouragement to use the time and resources you have as a single person to make your home a useful place. Love some of the ideas here...a few things to pop on my shopping list!!

12 Strategies For Singles And Hospitality

Shakira Re-Written

This is just fab!!!

Hips Don't Lie

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Business Suspended

Not having a great week. Things are picking up now so normal business will soon be resumed. And that means back to normal blog posting quantities. Enjoy the break while it lasts!