Saturday, 26 July 2014

Night Night

Early to bed, early to rise so, as a practitioner of "sleep hygiene" electronic devices off and chill out routines activated!!

Iraqi Christians

 Islamist insurgents have issued an ultimatum to northern Iraq's dwindling Christian population to either convert to Islam, pay a religious levy or face death, according to a statement distributed in the militant-controlled city of Mosul

You can't even imagine what they're dealing with at the moment as they're being forced to flee their homes or face unbelievable atrocities. All because they love Jesus and are refusing to convert to Islam. Simple matter of religious liberty, a basic human right. Open Doors is supporting partners in Iraq who are helping those that have fled their homes. More info here: Iraqi Churches.

Tomorrow Is Nearly Here

...the best day of the week!!! Heard that somewhere before? Continuing in Mark Chapter 11 verse 27 - 12 verse 12...Not the easiest passage to understand so will be good to hear it explained in the sermon. I think the basic gist is that Jesus came to earth in order that he would die for us. Anyway, looking forward to really getting to grips with the passage tomorrow.

Join us tomorrow, 10am coffee for 10:30am start, Ripley 6th form centre on Ashton Road. You can be sure of a warm welcome...something we do well.

Moorlands website

Downton and Homeland Resumed

My Sunday evenings will soon return to normality with the return of Downton Abbey in September, date to be confirmed...yeps, great, fab. Homeland series 4 scheduled for October (Guardian preview). So if you haven't seen the previous you have until then to catch up on series 1-3. It is even better than Downton...that's how good it is!!!

Lazy Entertaining

Really is the ultimate in laziness when your guests are bringing part of the food and all you're going to do is throw some salad stuff in a bowl and open some cold meats! I blame the weather...and no need to impress my guests. It's only Mum and Dad!!! Plan to eat outside but storm clouds are gathering...

Relationships A Mess Worth Making the title of a book by Tim Lane from CCEF.

Not actually read it but it's on my wish list. Covers relationships of all kinds. Slow reader so could be a while!!

But meanwhile love the title because I'm sure it's something everyone can identify with. So much easier to play it safe and stay in comfort zones without risk of rejection. We've all been there and certainly has been the case for me at times. Been so overwhelmed by other stuff going on just easier to keep to what is safe. But I am more and more convinced that we grow through relationships with others and that often means reaching out and risking rejection. It's just all a bit messy really at times and it can really hurt.  But the rewards far outweigh the icky bits and when you fall flat on your face you just gotta get up again and get back on the program.

Relationships A Mess Worth Making

Top Music Video

Normally I cringe at the music videos which accompany music songs but this is just fantastic...

Just shows that happiness has more to do with what's inside than what's going on outside. Could go a lot deeper with that but just enjoy the video and feel free to dance along. That's what I'm off to do!!!

Happy, Pharrel

Share The Love

Just struck me this morning how much love there is in my life. And it's like a circular process because the more you experience love from others it's like the more you want to share it with others!! Do I sound like a hippy or what???

Early Morning Get Up!

Whoops, there's not much point in getting up early if you then end up running late for the thing you got up early for!!!

Gotta go...

Friday, 25 July 2014


This Jim Elliot quote has been going through my head the last few days:

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose"

I guess I need to explain that??! Well, it's the basic principle of Christian living. When we become a Christian, instead of living for ourselves we start living for Jesus. And as we grow spiritually more and more of our lives are lived for Jesus. We should be kinder, more loving, more gentle, more humble and generally a nicer person to have around. It really challenges me to write that because I recognise so much how that isn't the case in my life a lot of the time. Basically I am so selfish and want to do things my way and other people get in the way of that!! But I do know that slowly the Lord is changing me, even though progress can be slow at times. And for all the times I mess up, he is a kind and forgiving God. And what did I gain the moment I trusted Jesus as my saviour? A certain hope and future and God's friendship for eternity.

So, as this song points out...what should I say to God when I want to hold onto different parts of my life and want to live my way..."whatever you want"