Saturday, 19 July 2014

Transformers Movie

Found I was the least informed of the small group I went with to see the film on Transformer films and the like. However, all things considered, it wasn't as bad as I expected. More humans than anticipated and even a bit of love interest. However, maybe over-run by about an hour?! Think I can see the pattern of my dreams tonight though complete with soundtrack.

That Time Of The Week Again

Yeps, anticipating another Sunday with joy!! Mark 11 v 1-16, The Kingdom, It's Certainty. Proving to be a fantastic series in Mark...feels like Jesus just leaps off every page...

10am for coffee (and possibly donuts) and 10:30am start

Skype Excitement

Not sure why I tidied up my lounge because my friend didn't see it but was mega excited to be skyping my Malaysian friend who I haven't seen since January and probably won't see in person for a good while too!!

So, so good to catch up on what's been happening. Need to use Skype more often; such a cool way of keeping in touch with folk when they leave town for foreign parts.Don't like saying goodbye but nice to be able to say hello from time to time via Skype.

Emma Proposal Scene x 3

Watching the end of the 1996 adaptation of Emma on TV. Oh my, that is such a romantic proposal with three different interpretations given here! Each time though, Mr Knightly liking the tall dark handsome theme going on here...not a stranger though because old friends from childhood.

For those of you not familiar with the story, Emma sees herself as a matchmaker but is completely blind to love when it comes to her own circumstances. Finally the penny drops with Mr Knightly but she thinks it's too late and that he's in love with someone else but happily she is enter the proposal scene...(cos they don't do dating in period dramas, 0 to engaged within the space of a novel!!).

1) Emma Proposal Scene, Kate Beckinstall

2) Emma Proposal Scene, Gwyneth Paltrow
Oh yeps and the Gwyeneth Paltrow is pretty good too. Nice stalling Emma; just sshhh and let him have his say!

3) Emma Proposal Scene Romola Garai with U2
Ok, had to throw some U2 into the mix here!!

Found Another Blog!

Another one that popped up via Facebook; a short article on contentment.

Something I've been thinking a lot about recently. You know the way you want all the ducks lined up in the right direction but they're not and you start fretting about what is/isn't going to happen. But when you sit back and reflect, there's an awful lot that is good in your life but there's still the unresolved things/longings? Well, feel the Lord has been showing me that it's only through being secure in him and all he's given me in Jesus that I can have freedom to enjoy the good, not worry about what may/may not happen to it and leave the unresolved with him. Because I have the only thing I truly need, a relationship with God. I could be sitting in a pigsty (ha ha, my house isn't that bad!) but as long as I have Jesus I have everything. Because my biggest problem, far above anything else, is my sin. The only way that can be dealt with is through trusting in Jesus to save me.

Time Travel

So just messaged a friend in Malaysia who has just got up and arranged to Skype them later today after I've been to sleep but they'll be just at the end of their day...weird!

Friday, 18 July 2014


Seeing loads of graduation photos popping up on Facebook reminds me of something that happened to me 10 years ago and makes me think...where have the years gone??!! And a very big congratulations to the ones I know, many with pretty impressive grades behind them. Glad a good few of you are sticking around for various reasons. #I love my church!

Another Blog

This is not going to be for everybody and I actually hope it isn't because it covers very difficult issues and would be for people who had gone through some pretty horrific experiences. I guess it's a Biblical counselling site but from a very personal perspective. I've only read one article so far but really encouraged by the goodness and grace of God in difficult situations. Maybe it'll encourage you too or be of help to someone you know who is battling with difficult issues.

/Emma Scrivener Blog

Best Laid Plans part 2

Wow; a bit of back patting going on here. Got a couple of major weekend jobs ticked on "the list" but also managed a trip to the pub. Win win!

And nothing to get up for in the morning...for the first Saturday in living memory...

Must remember to knock off the alarm and not have a repeat performance of a couple of weeks ago at "too early for a Saturday morning."

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Best Laid Plans

Didn't really have this evening planned out in detail but I don't think that finally collapsing on the sofa at 9:30pm was in "the plan"...Trying to learn to be less planned/target orientated about life and just go with the flow a bit more. Not sure how well I'm doing achieving that but making small steps in the right direction. So, this evening dropped one task off the list and moved until Friday evening or even Saturday. Having got to the 9:30pm sofa thing not sure I'd have ever fitted it in anyway!!

Must go though...vital pieces of TV to catch up on. I am not going to lose my blog/street cred by revealing what exactly is on my digi recorder!!!

Love Is Hard Work

Forgetting about all the messy business of falling in love, romance, dating etc etc....plenty about that elsewhere!

Just talking about treating those around us right, acting lovingly and wisely towards them. Can only be done with God's help because sometimes you just don't know the best thing to do. But fulfilling relationships are very rewarding and enrich and bless our lives.