Saturday, 5 July 2014

Panoramic View

Glimpsed the tale end of the sunset from my favourite place in the whole world.
Perfect end to a perfect day....

Always gotta be a tune hasn't there?? Perfect Day

Happy Days

Isn't it great when you're wandering through town to bump into an old friend and then find yourself in a coffee shop (2nd one of the day!) having a good old gas. Good timing groovy gal! I like the weekend...

Radio 1 Style Shout Out

So, here's a "shout out" for some of my blog readers/friends who are going through tough times at the moment. Feel for ya all gals and guys. You know who you are, hope the music makes you smile and...oh yes there's a big bear hug thrown in too!

It Can Only Get Better

Chandler on Driscoll

Ha ha, this is very funny if you'd heard much of Mark Driscoll. Have to laugh though because wouldn't be too hard to do an impersonation of Matt Chandler!

Chandler Impersonates Driscoll

Driscoll preaches in such a way that people truly see there standing before God as sinners and come to see how much they need Jesus to save them. The Gospel or Religious People, You're The Worst.

He has a particularly strong ministry towards men so I'll leave the rest of this post for the guys...

Went to this as an example of Driscoll in action although this is probably a little toned down...and a small posting I wrote on it a few years ago.

Mark Driscoll On Men

The following is extracted from the above clip:

Real men are creators and cultivators, not childish consumers, cowards, or complainers.

Mark Driscoll makes the point that in 30AD there were 5 stages between boyhood and manhood which happened, sometimes simultaneously and often suddenly; didn't have the gap we call adolescence or teen years.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Facebook Let Me Down

Apologies for a no image posting...been surfing via tablet and wanted to communicate to FB friends the smiley face with "feeling happy" but I can't access it on tablet for some reason...guess i'm now opting for "feeling frustrated"...learnt a long time to laugh at own jokes as no-one else does!!

Night all. Sweet dreams/Dulces Suenos

Track Of The Day

A golden oldie I first found in the Di Caprio/Danes Romeo and Juliet film back in the day. I like to think of it as the petrol station one as in the one which impressively blows up. Same director for The Great Gatsby and you could tell. The same Leo in that too!

Anyway, just a good old fashioned (ish) love song which I heard on the radio earlier and have played a few times since...

Yorkshire Weekend

I spend most of my week in Yorkshire and tomorrow spending some time in Yorkshire in a cave; think they call it a show cave. You'll never catch me squeezing through narrow spaces doing serious caving. 

So would be really cool if the rain could stop...sometime soon. Otherwise me and my mates are going to be overdosing on coffee and cake doing the coffee shop tour!! Given two of us are on diets this would not be good....two people watching one person eat cake is no fun...

Mid Year Resolution

So, if a New Year's Resolution hasn't got off the ground then can you start one mid year? Or 7/12 into the year?

Yeps, so generally don't make New Year's Resolutions but kind of made one this year. But failed to keep it on the whole.

Going to disappoint you with my shallowness here:

Something which I really enjoy, great to do alone or with a friend and such a good form of escapism. Go to the cinema more!

Bloggers Delight

Just heard from a very old friend (younger than me which makes me mega old!) who says she's been enjoying reading my blog. All the way from Italy. Made me so happy!!! reminds me of a happy sunny day with a sis, friends, a very cute little boy and gelato.


How do I procrastinate? I blog...amongst other things...

Come on Miss Anna; get back on the program!!

Favourite Day Of The Weekend

Yeps, you guessed it. Even on a Friday looking forward to Sunday!

Moorlands: What we're about (some of my mates in this!!)

Best bit about Sunday? Learning more about our wonderful God. Sometimes when we're singing my heart wants to burst with joy at all he's done for me especially through the hard times. Jesus is a wonderful saviour and the answer to every need we have; he is awesome!

No Other Name

Behold Our God

Sunday, 10:30am (tea/coffee from 10am)

The Piano...unmastered

I have been trying to learn this piece for years and I'm nearly there but not quite. Just beautiful. seriously dodgy film but fantastic music. When I, one day, live in a house big enough to hold a piano I'm going to master this!

The Heart Asks Pleasure First, The Piano

Old Project?

Planned over a year ago, as documented on blog, to get this practised up on the old acoustic guitar. Yes, well and the singing too. Now the fiddle can be put away for a bit (until next musical engagement) going to get the guitar out and get this learnt properly.

If Mr Darcy ever makes an appearance I could sing this song to him. Or maybe not....dogs howl when I start singing...

When You're Gone