Thursday, 26 June 2014

Occupational Hazard Baking

So, the occupational hazard of baking is tasting both the raw and baked results. Calling it quality control. Ouch, not sure what the diet police would make of that?!

So Much To Do

......So Little Time.

But chipping away on "the list" one thing at a time and on track for success.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Washing Up Syndrome

Doesn't everything seem so much more better when you've got the washing up done? Trying really hard to keep on top of things in that department like washing up straight after every meal.

Erm, maybe we're only operating at an A- on this but loads better than previously. Way to go Miss Anna!

Blog Alert

So, feels like I've been bombarded the last few days by excellent blog articles percolating through my FB feed so I thought I'd share some with you:

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Football Maturity?

I am NOT following the World Cup closely but switching the TV on couldn't escape it and allowed myself a few mins of exposure.

Enough to see pictures of Luis Suarez biting another player.

Hang on a minute!! We're talking fully grown men here. 

Not teenagers, who ought to know better. 
Or children, who ought to know better. 
Or even toddlers, who ought to know better. 
So, in the limited exposure I've had, game hasn't really been sold to me! Good to have Wimbledon...

Keeping The Main Thing The Main Thing

What is the most important decision anyone can make in their lifetime?

More important than career/house/car/marriage partner/kids?

Getting right with God through trusting in Jesus as your saviour and accepting God's free and wonderful gift of that salvation.

It really is that simple

The Gospel  (click here, can you spare 2mins 57mins for something so important?!!)

Sun Power

Now it's gone, hopefully temporarily, there is definitely something missing. It brings warmth, gorgeous light and a spring to my step...sunglasses, walks in the countryside (moderate!) and ice cream.

Come on can do it!

To misquote this song, : "ain't no sunshine when the sunshine's gone"

Monday, 23 June 2014

Love Makes The World Go Round

Don't worry; not going to go all soppy on ya! Not talking romance here; lets call it friendship or agape (brotherly) love.

Just been really touched by the kindness of various folk over the last few days when I've needed a helping hand. I guess I'm just thrilled at God's goodness to me in putting so many special people in my life who have had the knack the saying the right things at the right time and helped me see a way through the day. 

What A Wonderful World, Michael Buble (you'll forgive me for indulging myself with a bit of Buble?! Not singing along...honest)

Sunday, 22 June 2014

It's The Small Things

Having a love/hate relationship with the dreaded "carbs" and in particular bread, when I found myself at a Subway counter my heart was sinking at the thought of "all those carbs". So we came to the "what bread" question?

My anxious eyes happened on "flatbread." I asked for clarification and as the words were uttered, "a little like pitta bread" my whole subway experience suddenly, in a moment, changed forever. It was a pivotal moment, the one that had a before and after. Good old Mr Pitta, the staple diet of my vegetarian childhood. So many fond memories including lentil rissoles with yoghurt, tomatoes and mango chutney.

Oh, what future delights await now that I know I can "get away" with the carbs by having pitta bread. Yeah I know it's a form of bread but it's flat. And that makes all the difference! My ears are closed to all other arguments, especially from my friends who are diet police enforcers.

Sofa on the Street

The other day I had the surprise of seeing a sofa on my street and then I remembered where I live and that I shouldn't be surprised by anything. Since then though I have been debating with myself why my sofa isn't on the street. To clarify, the sofa is on the street for the owners (and friends and rellies) to sit on and sun bathe.

There is one word. Laziness. I am sure it is just great to snuggle up on your sofa in the sunshine, hang out with your mates and watch the world go by. But what happens at the end of the day? Who's going to get it back in the house again? You can't just leave it out exposed to the elements can you? Just ain't worth the effort for the momentary enjoyment.

Will just have to content myself with my sun lounger in the back yard. At least it's pink; now that goes a long way!