Saturday, 21 June 2014

Best Day Of The Week

Is......Sunday!!! For so many cheesey reasons that make together the whole package including hanging out with friends and eating donuts to name a few shallow ones. The whole experience is totally awesome!

Picking up on a series previously started in the book of Mark called Persuasion. Tomorrow it's Mark Chapter 8 verse 31 to Chapter 9 verse 13. Looking forward to this new series which will take us up to the end of August. Uncharacteristically long series for MEC but really "user friendly" so hoping to be able to invite friends along to listen who wouldn't normally find themselves in church. If 10:30am isn't too early to be up on a Sunday morning that is!!!

Moorlands Church intro video clip

Persuasion 2 Banner

A Funny One

Can't really say anything profound or deep about this blog posting that popped up on my Facebook feed this evening except it made me laugh and reminded of the goodness and grace of God in messy lives.

Agents of Grace-Special Needs Parents

Friday, 20 June 2014

Number 1!!!

So, spending a lot more time on the road than previously gives me a lot of time to listen to the car stereo. 

A fantastic opportunity to learn a new language, listen to radio 4, listen to sermons or...listen to radio 1. Yeps, only the latter is getting any air space at the moment!!

Current number 1 is Ella Henderson, one of the many X factor wannabes who wasn't voted through by the undiscerning British public but was nevertheless thrown into the limelight and future success.

Video is dubious, not sure what the song is about but loving the talented diva shining through. 

X Factor audition (I really ought to get out more??!)

And Relax....

Been a busy week even though on paper it was supposed to be a quiet's called "stuff" and it "happens." All good though and looking forward to the weekend. Hoping to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors if this gorgeous weather continues (but not on a out for a future blog posting on this topic).

High on the agenda this weekend has to be wrestling on the violin with Brahms, Berlioz and Mozart for concert next weekend. Usual last minute panic starting to set in which is a fantastic catalyst for getting the fiddle out and starting to scrape away! My poor neighbours....

Thursday, 19 June 2014


Isn't it great to have friends who you can call in on the way home from work, at teatime, knock on the door, walk straight in and be sure of a welcome?! Very few in fact...

Yeps, well the welcome was there but they'd already eaten!!! And not even a cup of tea..

Honest, getting a free meal wasn't in my thoughts. Was just good to see my besties...thousands wouldn't believe me though (including them!)...

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Big Question

How many times has a Christian been asked the question: how can a God of love allow suffering?

It's actually a very good question to ask. You don't have to look very far in our world, either through personal experience, or that of loved ones, to know that life is hard and cruel at times. Or read the newspaper, watch the news.

So, can I answer that question? Personally speaking, I have had a very difficult thing to deal with in my life which has caused a lot of pain and heartache for me over a prolonged period of time. So, in looking for the answer, please believe me that I am not coming from the standpoint of someone who is just flippantly throwing out the answers and closing my mind to the reality of suffering. I've needed answers from my own personal experience to answer the why's of apparently pointless suffering that just seems to go on and on.

In answering this question I am going to use the Biblical truths as the basis for my answer. No apology for this; it is packed full of truth and the way God communicates to us. The links take you to the Bible verses in an online Bible.

Starting at the beginning with Genesis we find what is known as the creation account. At the end of Chapter 1 after God had made everything, including Adam and Eve it says:

Monday, 16 June 2014

Summer Has Arrived

So the hanging baskets and window boxes have been installed. Sure sign in the world of Miss Anna that summer has well and truly arrived. Looking forward to all the hours of careful watering and enjoying the beautiful colours and smells.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

God's Rear View Mirror

Been hunting for this all over my blog and finally found it when I wasn't really looking for it!

Such a good description of Romans 8v28 and all things working for our good as Christians, even the hard things.

God's Rear View Mirror