Saturday, 3 May 2014

Having a Lazy Saturday

Sometimes you just gotta cruise out of the fast lane, come down a few gears and take the slow lane for a bit to recharge batteries and regroup. Soon be time to get back out there again...

Happy Miss Anna?

So, you may have come across a over excited, manic, crazy girl jumping up and down speaking at a hundred miles an hour. If you didn't you won't have heard that Miss A has got a new job. Looking forward to starting a new chapter in an exciting new opportunity.

Solid Joys

This is a great little daily reading which you can download as an app on your phone. Not a substitute for trying to have a daily Bible reading but a good top up on the difficult days when it doesn't quite happen or life overtakes you. And on your phone you can read anywhere....

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Chat with An Old Friend

Is like...

  • a warm comfy sock on a cold day
  • a familiar cuddly toy 
  • a big, fluffy dressing gown
  • antiseptic cream on an aggravated spot
  • a big, hot freshly brewed mug of tea in favourite mug

NB you can tell how tired I am by how my similes are all related to rest and relaxation!

It's Personal

So as Miss Anna returns to "da blog" rethinking boundaries. Been encouraged by friends facing a certain life situation to write about it on my blog. The only thing is once it's written down it's out there, viral and, who knows who may read it. I don't have that many readers but over 15000 views does indicate that someone somewhere is reading.

I guess it comes down to why I have a blog at all. There are varying reasons but one is a desire I have had for much of my adult life to be a writer. This is much at odds with my number background. But I feel that I have a flair for words, albeit in small quantities. And part of writing in this capacity is being willing to share the "personal" as you blog away. Just working out where that line goes...

And next....going to make a brew...that's not personal. It's just overwhelmingly British!

Hello Old Friend

Hardly touched base with my blog in 2014. Been a lot going on; energies focussed elsewhere. But hoping that I'll be on here a lot more over the next few months. The best few months of the year as Spring gives way to Summer!