Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Eclectic Musical Taste

Really got into using Spotify via Facebook and built a couple of playlists. Easy way to access music from my formative musical taste years. Erm, think something went a bit wrong then. Currently listening to "Saturday Night" by Twigfield you know the one that was played at wedding receptions, bar mitzvah's and 18th birthday parties and there was a cool dance to do to it. Will not reveal any more but dubious tracks on the playlist. But your taste has to be what you like and not what you feel you ought to like. Yes?


Facing a problem. Got to make time to watch the DVD's.

Nope, lets be honest here...the issue is getting my new DVD player to work. On the case but proven a bit tricky. Just requires a bit of application but a school night just isn't the right time; waiting until the weekend. I am such a procrastinator!

Christmas is....

only 28 days away....

so far:
  • bought some cards
  • written my Christmas letter
  • got a very small handful of presents
way to go Miss Anna!!!

I'm a Celebrity...

..."so I'm switching channels"... Nothing can bring me to watch that dreadful programme. You would have to be so desperate to go on it...

A Life Worth Living

Only a life lived close to Jesus is worth living. Only he can deal with your biggest problem; your sin. You know the dread at the back of your mind, the feeling that you've messed up. The guilt which nothing can get rid of. Only Jesus has the power to forgive you because he died for you as a sacrifice for your sin. Only a life lived trusting him is life lived to the full. You can walk through life confident that your life is safe in his hands and you have a bright future.

Sense of Humour

Been told my timing is bob on. Just I'm not normally there at the same time and can never remember the joke after to re-tell. Hey ho. Well as long as I find myself funny; that's gotta to be the best marker. Probably kinda sad but you gotta work with what you've got. Which is a brain which randomly misfires and probably sees the funny side of things too often!

So GSOH? That might be pushing things a bit!

Contented Singleness

Yeah, we all been there....that's when you say it, think you mean it and know it in your heart but you're still kinda hoping there is still going to be someone special to share your life with after all.

Miss Anna's take on things? You gotta live in the here and now, the today. Stop always looking to the future and wishing after something which isn't in the today but may be in the tomorrow. So much to enjoy in this moment.

And there are actually advantages to being single. Yeah, loads but I'll have to think about it!!! Hang on in there; life is good and God is very good and knows exactly what you need.

Christmas Letters

As my life is really quite boring I don't see myself as a candidate for writing a Christmas letter. But it has been an exceptional year and so I am venturing into that arena. Only sending it to people who I class as friends though. But the same should probably be said of who I send Christmas cards to.

Tricky, awkward but part of being an adult is facing things and not running away so I'm going to face up to things and work out my categories of who gets cards/who doesn't/who gets the Christmas letter and most important, who gets pressies?!!


I read a bit of a blog today. Seemed really cool and groovy and written by someone with obvious class.

But they hadn't written for a while....well I know someone who can put that right. Get to it Miss Anna!