Sunday, 27 October 2013


Blog postings have slowed down because Miss Anna has been struggling against extreme fatigue recently. The cause has been found and I have a lowered thyroid function. It is the stuff from the thyroid which makes a lot of things run in the body and lowered levels cause tiredness. So, once the meds I have been given start to kick in after a few weeks I'll be a new woman. Bouncing around, full of energy and writing copious postings. In short........


This is a topic I cannot write about with any notes of positivity at all.

Lets get one thing straight. I do not like cocoa and I do not live for large roaring log fires in my lounge.

The clocks have gone back, it is dark, it is windy and that is it until things start to pick up again in March.

Where is the hope?

This is one posting I must leave in the doom and gloom...just outside my front door.