Saturday, 19 October 2013

Good Friends

I know I always hark on about this but I have some lovely friends so dear and precious to me in different ways, and there are times when I just don't know where I'd be without them.

So, to Miss Anna's "Good Friends" a big heads up and you're each just awesome in your own special and unique way...

Friday, 18 October 2013

Messes Of Our Own Making

We can be selective sometimes in the things we bring before the Lord. The things we tend to hold onto are the messes which are of our own making. Nope, messed up too much there to bring it before the Lord cos I just went my own way there and didn't consider my course of action there. Surely he'll say "I told you so."

Listen to yourself? Look at the messy people he dealt with in the Old Testament. He favoured and loved deceitful and twisted Jacob. Deceitful and ruthless Judah. He uses the broken misfits to display his grace as they turn to him in their spiritual poverty and find the broken messes transformed into trophies of his grace.

So the next time you think the mess you've made is beyond his grace just remember, you can't go too far for him to reach. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Needless Load Carrying

Sometimes we carry things which really aren't our responsibility to carry. They're the things which are best left in the Lords hands. He knows every single detail of our lives and as we bring perplexing providences and difficulties before him we know that he understands completely. But better than that, he is our wise heavenly Father and can be trusted to work things out for our good. How much energy we spend needlessly fretting when we should have just brought the problem to the Lord in prayer.

Toss The Feathers

So who do I wanna be? The violin chick !! Cos she ain't no fiddler; she has all the technique of a proper violinist. And yes I am an unashamed snob when it comes to defining violinists...getting out my fiddle tomorrow to have a busk along to this. Awesome!

The Corrs


Miss Anna is dealing with a difficult ongoing situation which she thought was resolved but turns out it isn't and that isn't really that great. But a chat with a good friend gone a long way to putting the right perspective on things along with a few home truths which she needed to hear. Good friends, worth their weight in gold...

Rescue My Home

So, looking for a picture to describe one of the upstairs room in my house:

nope that one is too tidy...

still too tidy...

now that's more like it.

So the main project of the holiday is a good old tidy resulting in...