Saturday, 28 September 2013

Through The Keyhole

I am passively watching the aforesaid programme and thinking to myself: "ha, ha, what would they make of my house?!"

Only 28 hours recover from a bit of a wreck of a week...didn't take much only:

  • a haircut
  • serious shopping therapy
  • pizza and Ben and Jerry's (small pot!)
  • good chick flick
  • Oh yes, and the obligatory "touch base" with a good friend to get the world back into the right perspective

Best Day Of The Week

Tomorrow we finish the mini series in the Psalms finishing with Psalm 27.

Use the link here if you want to catch up on any: past sermons

Next stop, Genesis!

Shoe Shopping Therapy

This is all in a league of it's own, a distinct and separate entity to shopping therapy but non the less just as necessary in times of stress and distress.

Paid a visit today to a long established shoe shop in Morecambe where, after trying on a dozen or so pairs I hit upon the first pair I had tried on! Some very lush and stylish Doc Martin boots. Also, the most expensive pair. They will last for years. No, I am not trying to justify my decision?! I am just very happy with my decision and will be proudly wearing them to church tomorrow, to work on Monday and so on!!!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Hidden Scars

When you've been hurt really badly in the past and more than once (even numerous times), well those hidden emotional scars can make it that little bit harder being able to trust others in the future.

The easy option is to decide you're not going to get hurt again and put up barriers to protect yourself from getting too close to anyone emotionally. Or, and this is the hard one, you recognise that part of maturing as a person is taking risks and in doing so learning that it is possible to trust again.


Words fail to describe how awful today has been. Having processed the events and filed appropriately I am going to use a terminology first found in Ally McBeal regarding past events that are best forgotten: "bygones."

With that I am going to now start my weekend and recharge all necessary batteries and energy banks.

 (the character who terms the phrase "bygones")

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hungry, Hungry, Hungry

The diet has begun....

Being A Good Friend For The Long Haul

Just read this beautiful portrayal of being a friend who sticks by, not just today but tomorrow and the day after and goes on being there. Another fantastic resource from CCEF.

CCEF blog article

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Corrie's David

Absolutely no time for him at all; he really is living up to his nickname of "evil David" but not owning up to his hate campaign.

However, another concern relates to his vocation. A hairdresser? How many times do we see a pair of scissors or hair straighteners in his hands?! Oh, yes and the other concern is that I am still watching it...going to cut ties soon but try and keep track as time allows...

Stuck In A Moment?

Sometimes you just got to stick with it out until it passes. A moment by definition will move on even if it can feel like an eternity. And don't take yourself too seriously in the process...the next moment will probably be OK.

Belly Laughs

Eh, by gum, fatal to get stuck into one but does the power of good especially after a lousy day! Thanks to some good buddies and, of course a strong brew to share them with.


Just went to a supermarket. I walked there. I had enough money to pay for the shopping. When I came home I walked into my own warm house without a leaking roof:

To summarise:

  • enough food to eat
  • a healthy body
  • I have a job
  • I have a warm and secure home
Ain't much to complain about there really?

My Kitchen Sink Taps

Well, the verdict from the surgeon/plumber is that they can only be brought back to life with extensive surgery/work. As I will be getting a new sink in the not so distant future looks like I'm going to have to "put up and shut up" with the status co. I can make them work by very carefully turning them on at the right angle; much patience required though!

On reflection, this is the first major thing (and it isn't really that major) that has gone wrong in my little pad before I became it's legal guardian. Something else to add to the list of things to be thankful for...

PS I wasn't woken up last night by external noises so that's another one to add to the growing thankfulness list...

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Dry Blog

Sorry for the quietness of the last few days. Think of loads of stuff during the day to post but then it seeps right out of my brain again. Need to get a blog notebook to scribble things down in when they occur.

Meanwhile, take a look at the archives for old postings....

Jac Naylor Melting?

There are signs that the Ice Queen does have a heart after all. And maybe Jonny is starting to see some pay off to his previously cast off kindness.

Mercies Are New Every Morning

Was really dreading today, going back to work after a few days off. Prayed about it and had a really good day and got loads of work jobs done so I'm not nearly as behind as I could be. Prayer isn't an on/off switch to make things always go our way. But we really ought to pray about all our concerns, little and large and there are some lovely surprises when we do.

Monday, 23 September 2013


It is something which creeps up on you, creeps into you, eats away at you until you have the opportunity to stand back and wave it goodbye while you have a break.

Everybody has to have their stress releases. I have gotten into a bit of a rut recently and forgotten the things I enjoy doing to relax. Going to have a think on that one......I suspect one of them involves my running shoes but involves beating the recent lazy spell. Run Miss Anna, Run!!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Main priority is to get some food in. Then find somewhere nice to have lunch. Maybe fit an afternoon tea fix somewhere. And a mosey round some nice wee shops in a nice wee village in a location yet to be decided.

This holiday business really is hard work...