Saturday, 14 September 2013

Tomorrow's Real Food

The Trusting and Glorious Messiah, Psalm 21. Know very little about this Psalm so looking forward to hearing God speak through his word. Best day of the week for Miss Anna!

Psalms of the Messiah 1360x700

Coffee Bliss

If you are one of my friends who despairs at the quality of coffee offered when you come round for a brew then despair no more. I have been supplied with a pack of coffee filters by one such friend who is fed up with being offered poor quality coffee!

Tragic News

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the suicide of a very talented local young man. I wasn't a friend but his family are known to me.  They are believers and my thoughts and prayers go out to them as this dreadfully sad time.

Song Of The Day

Woke up with this in my head. It was the theme to a drama about a district nurse called Frankie who was a zanny 30 and she was a really good, misunderstood dancer too and a lot of fun.

Next To Me

Joke of The Year?

So, as the alleged in house comic at work said one yesterday which I made up years ago but which is apparently rather good:

"couldn't arrange a wine tasting in a vineyard" which of course is a clean version of the one involving getting intoxicated in a brewery!

Don't think it's that funny but will leave it hanging there...

Love is?

Very hard work sometimes. Painful and perplexing. Much sought after.


In this interesting but perplexing passages in Ecclesiastes there is a thread which I've highlighted in bold which specifically relates to wisdom in loving one another.

There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:


So, what do they need?

Someone who is:

  • interested in them
  • takes them seriously
  • want to have a laugh with them
  • understands that when they're upset it matters even if doesn't seem important to an adult
  • realises that being cool means not getting too excited and being totally unimpressed by anything
  • is consistent and gives clear boundaries
  • makes them feel like they're important and have value as they seek to find their place in a scary and big world

Lovely Day

Stumble out of bed on a Saturday morning, fumble around in the kitchen to get that life giving cup of tea. As vision gradually comes to my bleary eyes I look up to the front door and what do I see? Blue skies!!!!

Now hello weather, that isn't very difficult is it? Is it enough that the days are starting to close in that also we have to deal with rain and cold? And also, could we please maintain the sun until this afternoon as I have plans involving the great outdoors (and a coffee shop and a friend!).

Friday, 13 September 2013


Getting a little dizzy with excitement at the prospect of a few days leave....

The Issac Syndrome

God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son on the altar then at the last minute provided an alternative way out. Through his obedience his faith was both strengthened and tested trusting God whatever the outcome.

We all have times in our lives when we have to sacrifice our own Issac in many different forms. The end result may be more favourable than first expected but, at the beginning we lay the whole situation before the Lord trusting him with the outcome. He always does what is best and makes no mistakes.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Educating Yorkshire

Oh, I do miss em. Even the likes of Georgia!

Winter Looms

There is no way for me to find any positive slant on the next few months. After a delightful summer, already the nights are drawing in, weather deteriorating and the memory of balmy summer evenings is but a fleeting memory.