Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wellington Boots

Are the way forward. ....only sensible footwear to wear when in and out on a day full of downpours!


After an ultra industrious Saturday the domain of Miss Anna is in need of some TLC in the form of tidying and housework. Done the minimum but more still needs to be completed....

The solution? Going to munch pizza, eat Ben and Jerrys, and have a girly night with a friend eg gas and watch a DVD. House will still be here after all that and might get an energy burst later.

2 dozen iced cup cakes

Successful...only blip was the icing. Had to chuck a batch because I had foolishly added over half a bottle of food colouring to try and achieve an orange colour and it just didn't work. Discovered that less is more. Pictures to follow..

Green Light Syndrome

I think it is my right to always get through a green light before it turns to red. Makes me so cross when this doesn't happen.

Got me thinking about how many other parts of my life that problem operates in. Queuing, dealing with an unexpected problem at work, phone call which comes when not got the time etc....

I have this set idea of how things should be but maybe a few corners need to be knocked off by things not quite going from plan from time to time....including red lights.

Guys for the Girls

Had to be done to balance the previous "girls for the guys" and thought I'd get it over and done with...not as well qualified on this one but here are my observations and thoughts (and ideas pinched from "Men are from Mars Woman are from Venus)....
  • guys are very different from girls....
  • a lot harder for a guy to talk about his feelings than for a girl
  • when men have a problem they like to go to their "cave" and deal with it their, often on their own...they don't need to talk it over like girls do, well not straight away anyway
  • if your guy is in his cave LEAVE HIM...don't poke at him and bombard him with questions. When he's ready he'll come out and talk. Just make sure you're ready to listen.
  • a guy feels loved if he feels respected and trusted. Questioning his judgement and offering unsolicited advice can make him feel undermined
  • a guy likes to show he loves his girl by doing practical things to help and provide for her. That is his equivalent of saying "I love you." Recognise that and show you appreciate what he's done even if doesn't seem very romantic 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Great British Bake Off

Feels like everyone I speak to is really into it. Bug hasn't caught yet. To be honest would rather watch paint dry....

But a mini series unfolding in my kitchen tomorrow morning. Not worried...and no pressure or anything. It's not like my friends are expecting me to make and ice 2 dozen cup cakes for a special occasion on Sunday! Relishing the challenge and a good opportunity to step up to the mark...

Compliment Overload

Why is it so hard to take a compliment? Had the nicest one paid to me today regarding something I have been doing at work and didn't know where to put myself but it put a smile on my face. Words have such a powerful effect on their hearers, both for good and bad.

Girls for the Guys

How much reassurance does a girl need from her guy? Buckets!

How many times does a guy need to tell his girl he loves her? Countless!

Is it not enough that he told her yesterday? No!


Princess Syndrome

A lot of my problems stem from a very simple fact.

Although a fairly ordinary member of society, working hard to carve out a living for myself, facing the usual mundane challenges of daily life, learning how to rub along with others, there is a significant thought process which works itself out in conflict to this.

That's it, I am suffering from "Princess Syndrome." You see, deep in my psyche I feel I shouldn't really have to be dealing with all this rubbish because I am destined for higher things. So when things don't go my way what do I do? Well, I stamp my little foot (wearing my imaginary gold slipper), sigh and declare that it just isn't fair because in my little kingdom everything always goes my way.

Going to develop this theme in future postings but I think we all maybe have a little bit of "Princess Syndrome" in us....or maybe we're not all a Princess?!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Being a Grown Up

Can be hard keeping up the act and sometimes you gotta let it all out somehow!!!

Le Weekend

Only one sleep away...

#already getting that Friday feeling