Saturday, 31 August 2013

Late Night Creativity

Could be up to 2am churning out stuff on C&IC but the sensible side of Miss Anna is going to kick in because busy day tomorrow and got to keep up good "sleep hygiene" habits...well already broken nearly all of them tonight but it's a weekend.

I love you C⁣ one day going to write a book but little snippets will have to do for now.

Night, sweet dreams xxx

Autumn leaves

Said a while back there would be a series called Autumn leaves. Well, what have I to say? Trying to forget that tomorrow is the first day of September...

Something I've been thinking about a lot recently is how short time is and how important it is to make good use of the time we have. So, what do we invest it in? Well, the thing I keep coming to again and again is relationships and I'm not talking about the "big R" one here although hitting on it indirectly as the soundest basis for a fulfilling and healthy romantic relationship is a solid friendship. So, that base covered, thinking here for a bit about the different relationships in our life be it with family members, work colleagues, neighbours, friends. I am leaving out too the most important one, with God, but there is plenty on that in other posts (see "lost without Christ" section).

It is only by communicating with one another be it, having a coffee together, talking on the phone, messaging by text or via by Face Book that we get to know what is going on with each other, sharing joys, concerns and just enjoying one another's company. Immensely pleasurable but takes time that we sometimes would rather devote to other things. Get so much more than you ever put in though and so wonderful to have that feeling of emotional closeness, rare yet precious but only gained through working hard at communication.

This Autumn don't miss out on the joy of relationships by being too busy with other things which aren't as important.

Church Tomorrow

Best day of the week rolling up...

Finishing off  at Mark Chapter 8

Next week starting on the Psalms...

Also communion, a reminder of all that God did for us when he sent Jesus to die in my place. I don't come to God because of anything I have done but because of everything Jesus has done for me. All the times during this last week when I have let him down, time and time again, details not required but we all need God's forgiveness. What wonderful news the gospel is for moral failures like you and me; he have hope and life lived with God as our friend.

New Beginnings

At the moment for Miss Anna, day by day the door to the difficult and painful past of the last few years seems to keep being shut and a future with hope, bright prospects and happiness beckons with blessings beyond measure.

The why for past suffering gives way to thankfulness and gratitude and only points to a wonderfully gracious and good God. 

Good Friends

Come to this theme again and again but something to be said again and again. Such a blessing to have them in your life enriching it in so many ways.

Downton Abbey

Enjoying revisiting series 1-3 via ITV3. Looking forward to series 4 starting soon. Love the bubble of a world the residents of Downton Abbey live in although Matthew Crawley will be greatly missed!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Bloggers Block?

Not so much blocked as a bit clogged up because been a busy week. Normal business will be returned to soon when Miss Anna returns to the slow part of the fast lane. Keep reading because Cake and Ice Cream hasn't been abandoned and volume of output will soon be resumed. Just an example of someone who can't walk and chew gum at the same time!

A Empty Gaping Hole

Do you ever sit back and wonder what it's all about?

Is there a whole which nothing seems to fill?

Take out 3 mins 37sec to check out the problem and the solution here:

Gap Of Eternity

The Gospel Explained

Now it's over!

Phew. Think it achieved it's main objective, to give people a bit of light relief and amusement even though didn't get many laughs for my attempts at humour! Will be sad to say goodbye to a great work colleague today.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

After Dinner Speaker?

Sitting here scratching my head trying to work out how I got roped into giving an "after dinner" farewell speech for a work colleague who is leaving this week. Well, that is what I have morphed the original invitation into which was originally 5 minutes of stand up! Given I have to spend about 5 minutes after I tell a joke explaining why it is funny I hardly think I am gifted in stand up at all.

So, only be a handful of us there. Been scribbling down some ideas but also have a cunning plan to bring contributions from everyone to minimise the input from me. Any teacher will recognise the characteristics of an "outstanding" lesson here!

Watch this space to see if I live to tell the tale...

Back Of The Fridge

Amazing what you find...good and bad!