Saturday, 24 August 2013

Best Day Of The Week

Sunday tomorrow. Continuing series in Mark; chapter 7 tomorrow.

Been really challenged and blessed by this series.

Calling fellow "Moorlanders" to catch up on any sermons you've missed here:

Job Completed

Just got a job done that have been putting off for a while. And have a very satisfied feeling as a result.

Earned a holiday in Provence...or maybe not?!

Autumn Clean

Aware of the Autumn starting and new beginnings so Cake and Ice Cream has had a bit of a "spring equivalent-clean."

Sorted through a few categories that didn't have many things in them and reallocated to larger categories so that overall there are less to choose from. Also, got a new template and re-jigged the wotsits on the page.

Let me know what you think!

The Word on The Street

Posted when still in daily contact with the word on the street. Made me laugh to find this again so here is a repost!!

OK. This is the definitive version. Performed with deep and in depth research.

0-1 = a loner

2-10 = friends

11-20 = a crew

21-30 = a possey

30+ = a gang

400+ = a school

Today's Schedule

Before ten:
  1. Town
  2. Supermarket
  3. Back Home for Bacon Buttie
And the rest is yet to be revealed (to me as well as you!)....

Now, that sounds like a good Saturday!


Sought out some resources using the CCEF website on the topic of fear and, once again reminded of what a wonderful resource they are. In the almost complete absence of biblical counselling in this country the website and associated resources is just wonderful. They are now charging a small amount for some but if you search under blog posts or podcasts you can normally find something.

It really breaks my heart to think of Christians struggling with psychological problems being brow beaten with Bible verses which only pile the guilt on when, a little understanding of the psychological anatomy behind their distress would then help them be able to access the scriptures and healing.


Going to get that plectrum bought and start practising today; my lovely semi acoustic has been greatly neglected in recent years. Having a sesh tomorrow with a veteran guitarist (or so they dream) and don't want to make an idiot of myself with my total lack of competence!!

But I can dream on:

Alanis Morissette, Head Over Feet  (like it a bit funkier and rockier but this would do for a start!)

This is just acoustic bliss: Seal, Crazy

Friday, 23 August 2013

Facebook Page

Cake and Ice Cream has it's own page. If you read this blog, even if only from time to time and feel you could press "like" on the page then please do so!


Just thrilled at God's goodness to me over the last couple of weeks as a very difficult situation has been made bearable, and at times enjoyable.

X Factor

New season coming soon....

But in my opinion only ever produced one diva:

Low Blood Sugar

C&IC readers who don't respond well to low blood sugar levels will find this ad amusing:

Running Therapy

There is something an endorphins rush post run gives that can't be found in:
1) chocolate
2) shopping
3) bacon butties
4) music
5) a good film

They make a good second best though!

Autumn Leaves

As September is soon upon as it is often the start of new beginnings and an opportunity to reflect on the past year and make some changes. Think about priorities and such like. Going to be writing a few posts on this theme...

Corrie Update

Nick is about to wake up and you know what? I don't care...think I'm going to give Corrie a break for a while now; it's going through a dip in the story lines.