Saturday, 17 August 2013

Running Shoes

It is shameful that despite having been given a very expensive pair of running shoes for my birthday a few months ago I have only started in recent weeks to use them. Went out for first run on my own in a good while. Don't have the stats to hand but went an alright distance at a respectable speed in an adequate time. Only thing with going on my own? No-one to remind me to do stretches at the end. Going to be hobbling around tomorrow!


My parents are going away to Spain for nearly two months and I have discovered something today. I hate goodbyes. Today was a dummy one but the real one is going to be on Monday. Making a mental note to be wearing the waterproof mascara!!


What a wonderful gift a good night's sleep is. Busy day ahead so grateful to feel rested and refreshed at the start of the day!

Friday, 16 August 2013


Sometimes just when you thought something was finishing you find it is only just beginning. The goodness and grace of God ceaselessly follows and never leaves us for every single day of our lives.

Acoustic Longings

So, when I hear a vocalist singing whilst strumming their electro acoustic guitar me thinks...wish that was me...dream on Miss Anna!!

Sharleen Spitari Live Acoustic

same song album version (because some of the rocky-ness not in acoustic)

but if Sharleen Spiteri wanted to sing I'd be happy to just be in the band

Good Neighbours

Worth their weight in gold and so thankful for the wonderful ones who I have who I count as not only good neighbours but good friends!

The Weekend by a Mathematician

2/7 = 0.29 = 29%= the weekend

The Royal

Been great to catch up on this series on ITV3 over the last few weeks. Good wholesome drama which you don't get so much of these days Going to miss it now it's finished, lol!

Some Similes

A bacon buttie without HP sauce is like a cheese sandwich without pickle

A curry without mango chutney and yogurt is like strawberries without cream

Are these similes?

Point been made anyway!

Rear View Mirror

Every now and again you get that fleeting glimpse back and see some logic for past difficulties and hardships. There are some things, many things we will never understand and which we need to leave in God's hands as he works all things for our good. But from time to time, as happened to Miss Anna this week, the curtain is drawn back and we are overwhelmed by everything God has done for us.

I love the way Mark Driscoll describes it here:  God has a definite plan

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

TK Max

Anything which TK Max doesn't sell is not worth buying.