Tuesday, 4 June 2013


It's the new "like" isn't it? Except at the beginning rather than end of sentences.


 Every sentence begins with "so"....and I am finding it "so" annoying because it is "so" unoriginal. The Spanish equivalent is "pues" but it drags on for longer and provides a better pause. "So" is over and done with too quickly. Please can we move on to the next language deformation habit..soon.  Grumpy teacher vent over!!!!

Running training update

Classic moment this evening. Walked past the running group I "could" have been at........eating a ring donut!! Guess the only thing to be salvaged from this was that I was walking...way to go Miss Anna.

Song of the Day

So I'm not the only one who has a song of the day?

Well today it is another visit to Leona! She is such an amazing diva and I love her music so much.

I could listen over and over again to this track. Just love it; makes me feel so alive. Hence the name!



"Not like"

If they've not run out of ink then they've run out of paper. Or the paper's jammed. Or the toner is low. Or it just won't work!!!

Everybody Loves Raymond

Such a good accompaniment to breakfast cereal (aka pasta in Miss Anna's pad). Makes me laugh so much but as I often laugh alone, even in company, suspect I am in a minority! It's relentless comments on family life with overbearing in laws provides hours of amusement.

Haffner Orchestra Reherseals

Practice? Mega loads needed! Motivation? Significantly increasing as concert date approaches. So the date? 29th June? The venue? Lancaster Town Hall? Wanna come? Tickets? From moi! Programme?  But please get tickets personally from Miss Anna as she has a life list of sales to maintain.


The sun has got his hat on!

Even when viewed through office windows it still warms the deepest cockles of my heart to anticipate what awaits me as I walk home and the possibilities for evening sun catching! Please,  please,  please stay summer. Miss Anna loves ya...

Monday, 3 June 2013

What is the point?

Without Christ life is empty and meaninglessness. You ever feel there must be something more to life like there is a gaping void which nothing can fill? Well that is the God shaped hole in your life...

Gap of Eternity (some American references but still understandable to the British hearer!!)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Britain's Got Talent

Having faithfully followed the semi finals I can tell you this is the best talent that Britain has to offer. And it is very funny:

Jack Carroll audition

Jack Carroll semi final

Lazy Bones

Is it just me who finds the inertia of the sofa TV combination hard to overcome as domestic chores beckon!!