Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Script

Every track on their album is just so lush and "I'm yours" is a classic.  Revisited after seeing the extraordinarily tall Danny on The Voice who is the only judge I can bear listening to!

Toad in the hole failure

I have to acknowedge this wretched offering in order to pick myself up, shake the dust from my cooking ego and get back in the saddle! Still not sure where it went wrong but gonna blame the oven.....failure and my cooking are very seldom paired together but I guess even Jamie Oliver has bad days. And been inspired by a Mary Berry lemon meringue pie on the great British bake off. Now where could I possibly go wrong with making that?!

Funky House Classics

Loving this 2010 CD from the ministry of sound. Gonna get it on my MP3 as the tracks will carry me for miles when I get dem running shoes back on...soon!


Always dashing for the door when I have to be on time but early when I don't. Ggggrrrhhhh. Being Miss Anna is sooooooooo frustrating......BFN, gotta dash!

What is wrong with the world?

Another tragedy happens. Why? How could this happen?

Standing back, what has changed? Since Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden we have lived in a "fallen" world that is a world where man has been in rebellion against God, choosing his own way (sin) instead of living in obedience to God ie the way God wants him to live, the way for his ultimate good and blessing. The good and perfect world God made has been cursed by sin. And we all suffer the effects of sin spoiling the world as we see loved ones die of terminal cancer, young lives full of promise cut short by tragedy. These are all the after effects of the fall of man when sin came into the perfect world God had made and ruined it.

 Living God's way really is the best. Take marriage for example, God lays down in the Bible his plan for marriage. One man and one woman living in a loving relationship with one another for life, being faithful and loyal to one another in all things, including sexually. How many messes, heartache, ruined families would be prevented if we had more marriages modelled on God's way?

The remedy:

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins
1 John 4 v 10

Old Testament

Been burning to understand what the old testament is about but only got 5mins, 53 secs? Well your yearning search is over because it is all here. Use this link and scroll down to video two; designed by an extremely talented dude with a little help from some young friends!


In a culture obsessed with relationships and finding "the one" there is one relationship which makes any others pall into insignificance. The relationship between us and God. If that ain't right then everything else in our life is a mess and without Christ that relationship is unattainable.  Only Jesus can bridge the gap between a holy and perfect God and us, who are riddled with moral failure and sin. God's grace just blows my mind away, sending Jesus to die in my place, giving me what I don't deserve. I can never get over his goodness to me, blessing my life with so much and it is why I love singing his praise at church. Sundays are a good day ...