Friday, 22 March 2013

Sleepless in Seattle

And who says love at first sight is not possible? Sure Meg Ryan seems to be type cast in the role of: start of film, with waste of space boyfriend, end of film, with Tom Hanks (well in SIS and You've got Mail!) but she is class and, well, Tom Hanks does alright.

Never settle for anything less than the real thing when it comes to love and romance; it is worth holding out your gut feelings and don't try to create it if it isn't there. Miss Anna has been there, got the tee-shirt and well, not worth the heartache. Because all it takes is 1 day for your whole future to change forever and that is worth waiting for if it's the real thing. And if it never happens, this life is only a blip of eternity. In Christ we enjoy God and love him forever. Meanwhile, enjoy this:

Sleepless in Seattle, final scene

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