Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Filofax, so 80's

Although there has been a certain excitement to being disorganised, being surprised at friends birthdays and frantically getting cards and presents late.Double booking on social engagements (yeah, sure like that happens all the time!) Losing keys/purse/phone...

Decided it is time to take things in hand and get organised by reinvigorating my personal organiser. So thankful I hadn't chucked it away because a new one was pricey. Just got the inside/refills. And why can't I get a discount for buying 2013 when the first 3 months have nearly gone???!

So no excuses for forgetting your birthday...when was it now?!


  1. You CAN get a discount. Tesco have been selling 2013 inserts for half price.

  2. Glad to hear that you're back in your filofax & I hope you enjoy using it :)
    Like the knowledgeable Mr Blake mentions, discounts are available if you look around.

  3. Is that a raspberry personal Metropol? I have the exact same one! The only one big enough that I could afford, to be honest, but I love my Filo! Enjoy yours!

    1. That's a pink Classic, although I'm not sure whether it's Personal or A5; I can't remember whether Personal Classics have one pen loop or two.