Sunday, 22 December 2013

PE Island

So, been shown some pictures of the house which LM Montgomery based Anne of Green Gables on. Having never had a huge urge to travel an itch has developed to go there sometime...soon? We will see..for now, planning to rewatch the DVDs soon.


I have a love/hate relationship with them. There is a fine line between a deadline spurring you to activity and completing a task and the deadline being too unrealistic to be able to meet and leaving you panicked and stressed.

Got into a bit of a pickle with something by agreeing to meet a deadline which, on reflection was unrealistic. Why is the word YES with three letters easier to say than NO with just two?! Something to think about because far better to be honest and realistic rather than agree to something and then let people down when you can't do it. Got to deal somewhere with the people pleaser inside...

What is Christmas Really About

Ok...going to just let it all hang out and give Miss Anna's take on Christmas and what it's really about.

So, the most important relationship in the world is the relationship between us and God. Huge gulf created by sin, which is our rebellion against in manifested in numerous ways...hate, envy, lust, deceit, anger..the list goes on. He is holy and perfect and our sin just gets in the way. So he sent his only Son to die in our place so that we didn't have to be punished for our sin and could be friends with God again. And if we trust Jesus as our saviour and turn away from our sin we can be friends with God now and forever and we look forward to a glorious eternity in his company.

That is what should bring a smile to our faces this Christmas...even if we don't get the present we asked santa for (!) or we put on too much weight etc etc...

PS that is just what flowed out my head and heart but re-read once and I agree with what I said!

Driscoll and Malachi

My mate Mark (!) is going through Malachi (Living for a legacy) at the moment and a lot of interesting FaceBook posts have popped up on the area of relationships. Knowing that Driscoll is not afraid to say it as it is regardless of who it might offend I am certain is preaching in this area will be thought provoking and challenging. To be completely honest I have only had time to read one blog posting so far but hope to have time to follow up some more in the Christmas period.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Cheer

Had a fabulous day stopping off at various households with presents and stopping for a brew. A reminder of what lovely friends I have and lots of the feel good factor as I touched base with various folk. One of the lovely parts of Christmas is having time with special people.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Do

So, what is the first thing that 50% of the population say when they find they are attending a social event? "What am I going to wear?"..because last year's posh frock will not do.

Only one week until my work's Christmas do which is going to be quite a lavish affair. Better find my fairy Godmother so Cinderella can go to the ball!

Winter Bugs And What They Can Teach Us

Been hit by one thing after another it seems this winter and it's really getting to me. Not very glamorous at all especially the bed head after all the fitful temperature ridden sleep.

What does God have to teach us through times of being poorly? Some Miss Anna thoughts here...

  • that we are dependent on him for everything. we can become so complacent and think we can pretty well manage on our own but when we are poorly it teaches us to be reliant on him and seek his strength and provision.
  • that the main things really are the main things. the gospel really begins and ends with Jesus and he is the beginning and the end. the bottom line is that my life is hidden in him and nothing else matters even the really hard things. our souls are anchored in a rock that cannot be shaken, today, tomorrow and forever.
  • how important good use of time is. when we're not able to carry out our normal tasks and responsibilities gives us a chance to reflect on how we are spending our time and what we think our priorities should be. people whose energy levels are limited by chronic illness have to be particularly wise in this area.
  • our sanctification. or rubbing off our corners. for myself I am very impatient and feel the Lord is teaching me patience through these difficulties. ultimately though God is changing us to be more Christ like through the things he brings into our lives, carefully measured according to our different personalities. 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

How To Write Blog Posts

Was mildly encouraged to find I am putting some of these principles in place. I think the difference is with the quantity of words used in each article; mine is a bit like the playdays of blogs!


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Eclectic Musical Taste

Really got into using Spotify via Facebook and built a couple of playlists. Easy way to access music from my formative musical taste years. Erm, think something went a bit wrong then. Currently listening to "Saturday Night" by Twigfield you know the one that was played at wedding receptions, bar mitzvah's and 18th birthday parties and there was a cool dance to do to it. Will not reveal any more but dubious tracks on the playlist. But your taste has to be what you like and not what you feel you ought to like. Yes?


Facing a problem. Got to make time to watch the DVD's.

Nope, lets be honest here...the issue is getting my new DVD player to work. On the case but proven a bit tricky. Just requires a bit of application but a school night just isn't the right time; waiting until the weekend. I am such a procrastinator!

Christmas is....

only 28 days away....

so far:
  • bought some cards
  • written my Christmas letter
  • got a very small handful of presents
way to go Miss Anna!!!

I'm a Celebrity...

..."so I'm switching channels"... Nothing can bring me to watch that dreadful programme. You would have to be so desperate to go on it...

A Life Worth Living

Only a life lived close to Jesus is worth living. Only he can deal with your biggest problem; your sin. You know the dread at the back of your mind, the feeling that you've messed up. The guilt which nothing can get rid of. Only Jesus has the power to forgive you because he died for you as a sacrifice for your sin. Only a life lived trusting him is life lived to the full. You can walk through life confident that your life is safe in his hands and you have a bright future.