Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eternal Law

Why do those angel guys have to investigate a case when they can be anywhere? I guess they're not all knowing, just fairly mobile. It's one of the omni words but not sure which one!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In Training

Managed a run this evening. Or should I say, more like a gentle jog as I followed my superiorly fit friend round a 40 minute circuit often plodding along at almost walking pace but nevertheless doing a significant proportion of the run as a jog. S-h-a-t-t-e-r-e-d and ready for Zzz.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The weather

Been just gorgeous the last couple of days, such a difference to have some sunlight in the limited hours that it is available! Why am I blogging on the weather? Too cabagged to think of anything else for now!

Feast and Famine

5 posts in a row. That'll be it now for another 5 weeks!!!

To use one of the most delightful phrases in the Spanish language (from my extremely limited knowledge) the reason my writing is so sporadic is that: most of the time "no tengo ganas" to write. Literally translated it means I don't feel like doing something but because "tengo" means "I have" I always think of it as not "having ganas." Excuse my puddle brain explanation. It just sounds good! And I am going to force myself to post more things even if I'm lacking in "ganas!" Buenas noches, dulce suenos :)

Monday, 16 January 2012


Enchanting new series started yesterday on BBC1 giving an insight into the world of midwifery. A refreshing variation to the usual Sunday evening period dramas.

There was one particular case study which tickled me. The midwife arrived at a house which contained 24 children. At first glance it looked like a school but it was indeed a family. The number had partly been reached by having 2 sets of twins which I guess is 2 for the price of 1 in the world of family sizes! The wife was Spanish and spoke no English and a teenage daughter interpreted between her and the midwife. However, what became evident as time elapsed was that the daughter also interpreted between Conchita and her husband because he spoke no Spanish!

Reminds me of a scene in the film Truly Madly Deeply where Nina is translating a postcard for her boss from his son who is Spanish as is also his ex wife.She says, you really ought to learn Spanish so you can communicate with your son. That was really the problem you had with Gabriella, you couldn't communicate. He turns round and says, no, no, that was the problem. It was when we started to communicate that we started having problems!

You had to be there really, maybe if you've seen the film you'll appreciate the story. And I recommend call the midwife:

CPR and Vinnie Jones

A random comment from the conductor this evening about how to keep time in a particularly challenging section lead to a discussion about this advert. Some doubts were aired about the pace of the compressions (despite being in the presence of a number of medics!) and whether they were in quick time or half time. Having looked at the advert I am not reassured; they are in quick time but I think I'd sooner wait for the ambulance to arrive and be treated by a professional. Sorry Vinny! (advert at beginning can't be avoided..)

Happy Leona

This is not the most profound pieces of music ever written but has a special place in my listening genre and has to be the most listened to ever piece of music because I have listened to it again and again and again and again....

Happy, Leona

Cross Country Training

New project starting this year. Starting being the present continuous...well, it has started but it's kind of more at the starting end of things than the end of things. The eventual aim is to do a fractional multiple of a marathon but meanwhile, going to build up doing small runs and having a go at some cross country ones. Sounds good in the safety and warmth of indoors. Time will tell what it will be like in practice...First entry in new posting. How long before the next one??!


Word of advice here...if you freeze 4 pints of milk to be used on a specific occasion try to leave more than 45 minutes for it to defrost! Saves having to boil about half a dozen kettles of water to try and do a rapid defrost...