Thursday, 10 June 2010

If you have any thoughts on "Incarnational living" then you might want to pop them on the comments section to help this theological student/blogger with a disertation of 10000 words! (10/6/10)
Been doing a lot of iteration the last couple of days!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Maths and Psychology

...and when you've done the next thing you do the next thing then when you've done that you do the next thing and then...this is an example of iteration...

Monday, 7 June 2010

What do you do when you don't know what to do next? Do the next thing...

Sunday, 6 June 2010

"We are overwhelmed by anything which comes into our life if we do not hand the burden of the difficulty over to the Lord" Anon
I have just "planted" some ready grown tomato plants in a grow bag. What a wonderful experience. The smell of their leaves, the feel of the soil around my hands and the sound of the water gushing into the growbag. Amazing what gardening delights can be enjoyed in a humble back now contains a beautiful collection of flowers and of course, some tomato plants!
Matt Chandler talks in his weekly updates about going to London for a church leader's conference...well here is what he was doing. Explains here the importance of discipleship; hard work but well worth it in the long run...
Sometimes you just have to get through a day the best way you can...
Character is only formed through facing obstacles and working through them. The same is true of friendship; it grows through hard times.
Watched "Definitely Maybe" last night. On the surface, a feel good chick flick. When I've thought about it, actually quite a disturbing film. Simple plot: a daughter asks her Father to explain who her real mother is; it takes nearly 2 hours of a film to get to the truth and meanwhile it becomes clear that this man has dipped in and out of the lives (and hearts) of 3 woman, one of whom he married and had a child with, the girl's mother. What is disturbing is the way that he shows no sense of commitment to any of them; living for the moment as each one steps into his life at different points over the years. An interesting observation is that the one he ends up with in the end is the one who he had built up a close and enduring friendship with over the years of his other relationship confusions, including 2 diamond engagement rings.

Friendship, romance and passion...these are wonderful blessings only available between a man and a woman who choose to do things God's way.
Miss Anna is missing church this morning. Not feeling too great this morning; hoping to be able to make it out this evening. I feel I'm missing out though by not being where I belong, in my church family, hearing God speak through his word and being with my Christian friends. The major key to Christian growth is the truth of his word moulding and changing how we think and feel; only God's word can go to the very core of our being. Sometimes we have to face up to things about ourselves we'd rather not see; things we'd never even share with our closest friends. But God loves us too much to just leave us to be mediocre Christians; he truly wants the best for us. Both challenged and encouraged by these words I read this morning from Elisabeth Elliot: