Saturday, 9 January 2010

Quote of the week: Referring to Gordon Brown: "I don't know why anybody wants to run the country" (amon, with permission :))
Panic buying. I can never quite get my head round the British pyschi. It would make me giggle if I hadn't got caught in the crossfire of the painful procedure and the ill effects of no bread, lots and lots of people and huge queues. Why? We've probably had the worst by now, 2 weeks ago would have been the time to do it wouldn't it?
Spending this evening with some friends chillin' and watching this DVD. You only have to watch Louis Giglio for 5 minutes to see that he would have been an Outstanding science teacher (whoops, wash my mouth out, can't keep the O***** words out of my vocabularly!). Instead he bounces around America and the world "on tour" in various guises.

Here is his Indescribable tour where he gets lost for words describing the amazing extent of the Universe and what it says about the one who made it. Even if you disagree about how who made the Universe watch a few minutes just to experience the Oustanding communication skills and enthusiasm! You can watch the whole thing on Utube. Is that for cheap skates? Or is that what cool people do?
Alright, this is going to split you guys into 2 camps. The ones who've just finished a 5 day week and the one's who've...well, we won't specify the number?!

But to the latter camp? Maybe this is just me but if you're totally honest, it was alright going back wasn't it? I know we complain about work but it is actually a real blessing to go out to work and spend a day toiling and come home again having felt you've achieved something? I do love my job and maybe I wouldn't say that if I didn't. But it's a thought for the blog to leave hanging out there. Will I be saying the same next Saturday? If you're a regular reader you'll notice the pendulum does swing on this topic!
One of the benefits of the prolonged freeze is that we've had the continuation of a dazzling white snow landscape. Normally, as the temperature rises it melts and turns to sludge. The purity and beauty of the white reminds me of the amazing effects of God's grace at work in a heart.
This winter wonderland is starting to turn into the alternative version of Ground Hog day. As I strode out this morning I detected a faint sigh as I breathed in the crisp, cold air and enjoyed the white dazzle. A change might be nice by now. Is it 2 weeks or maybe 3? I remember the time when I wondered if it would reach Christmas Day? More than exceeded that! Can you have too much of a good thing? Like, planning routes in the car to avoid slides on mirror like surfaces, unsuccessfully planning routes so you do slides on glassy planes or even come to a complete standstill. That is apart from the wheels turning round in circles and you going nowhere. And I haven't even built a snowman; ba humbug! Have a nice day.

Friday, 8 January 2010

I like Friday early evening. A weekend ahead beckons with boundless possibilities. No fixed time frame; I can choose when to do the things which "have" to be done. I can chill and flop........zzz whoops, gotta go out now!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Euan Murray is a scottish Rugby player. He recently became a Christian. This is an hour long interview with him about various things to do with his life. 23mins-45mins is where he explains how his life was transformed.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Today is a "win win" situation. Working from home because of the snow and able to do things to help make progess when I return, hopefully tomorrow. Getting on top of those little jobs which I didn't have time to do in the midst of getting everything else done. Great!