Saturday, 2 January 2010

Creative energies have disappeared into a vacuum. Ideas for things to write about have been sapped away. My mind has been occupied with other things as the holidays draw to a close and work begins again. My blog's loss has been lesson planning's gain though!
Decided on a New Year's resolution. Thrown off the self discipline one; think it's better to not make that one too much of an issue then maybe it'll just creep up on me!!! No, decided on "contentment."

Friday, 1 January 2010

No more this evening. Expended energy in other ways. Namely chilling out with friends. Lovely walk this afternoon in the glorious winter sunshine with bezzy buddy. Should have been ready to work again by this evening but then gassing and crashing with a brew and a chin wag was just so much more appealing then doing boring admin work. I owe it to my blog readers to be honest. Can't rewrite according to how I'd have liked things to go! There's always tomorrow....
I have to be honest. Didn't go too well. Got some stuff sorted but missing a crucial resource which I really needed. One disc but kind of lost without it. Can get plenty other stuff done though; mindless admin. And getting back into work is kind of like the snowball effect. Starts slowly then gathers speed. Be more motivated this evening after my lungs have been filled with an afternoon of fresh air and exercise. Rome was not build in a day!
your grace is enough

What would the world be without music? Clue: that is a link!
Self discipline. Don't make New Year's resolutions (setting myself up for failure there!) but that word is something I am seeking to instill more into my life. I so admire people who have it. You can do anything if you possess it.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Going to be a hectic New Year's Eve tomorrow so won't have much blog head space.

Want to share with you a New Year Bible verse. Reminder that as we look to the start of another year, we live it under the constant care and protection of the Lord.
It was alright you know. Enchanted motorway driving. Thankful to be safe back to home sweet home. And I survived the pirate attack relatively unscathed!
I made it! Very pleasant journey actually and only got lost once. Why doesn't my Tom Tom have a "you idiot, you're sailing past the junction you should be turning off!" setting? Anyway, only had to go to next junction and turn round. It's just that I have a sneaky suspicion I had to do that last time?!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I take back every single word I wrote about enjoying night driving a few days ago.
This is my last relaxed morning of the holidays. It is poignant to be writing this on the Tuesday of the holidays when there are still 5 whole sleeps left!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Listen to this before you go to sleep for sweet dreams:
Jesus thank you

Night night zzz
I was reminded in one of the shops I was in today (!) of the sound of one of my favourite pop bands, U2. Spending a pleasant half hour looking up some on Utube.
Abiding in the vine, Part 1, John 15 v 4, 8-10, John MacArthur,
1971, listen yourself
Any of my blog-readers who thought I was a deep, independent thinker and not a follower of the crowd will be deeply disappointed in the next few lines of this posting.
LOL! Classic. "The Builders."

Sybil: why did you hire him? Because he's cheap
Basil: well cheapish
Sybil: he's cheapish because he's no good
I woke up this morning and have spent a few minutes talking to myself. No, no, no, this is a good thing; honestly!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

This is a new feature in my blog outlining my progress in developing skills in computer games.
The sermon at church this evening was immensely encouraging as we look to the start of 2010: