Saturday, 28 November 2009

A clip in the movie “27 dresses” made me giggle. My interpretation is that it refers to the fickleness and irrationality of woman in the demands they make within relationships but I think it can probably be extended to men as well. We all have that child in us who isn’t quite enjoying the “mint choc” ice cream because maybe they’d have been better with the “cinder crunch” that their mate got. Or is that just me?
So, as promised in previous entry. A dose of frivolous trivia.

How do you curl hair with hair straightners? I was recently given a tutorial by my hairdresser so the details are fresh in my mind:

Flood Testimony

In this posting I am going to break the only 2 rules I have mentally made about my blog:

1) Mentioning friends names personally and
2) Not having Christian content in every blog; don’t want my non-believing readers to feel “Bible bashed”!!!

The reason for 1) will become obvious and 2) is because I find it hard to write about anything in any depth without referring to what the Bible has to say about it! I promise I will write some frivolous postings soon (like how to curl your hair with hair straightners; do you really want to know?!).