Saturday, 21 November 2009

Does no one have an imagination these days???

BT broadband connection not working
Dial 150; find a very helpful 0800 number giving information on which areas are affected. Also updated every hour which is useful. However, they suggest that if this information is not enough then you log on to Duh??? Why am I on the phone to them in the first place??? If I could log on to then I wouldn’t be on the phone to them and would be happily surfing the internet.

It’s a crazy world. I would love have afternoon tea with the person who thinks up these improbable solutions. Mind you they probably wouldn’t have the common sense to know how to make a brew...

Phew, that’s better, thank you for reading my rant.
I’ve been thinking about timing recently. We talk a lot about time, and how little we seem to have of it to get everything done, but timing is very different and more subtle. It’s not just dependent on whether something gets done or not but when it happens.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

After the first 36 hours of hectic activity I haven't written any more on my blog. Why???

Because, after impulsively setting up the blog and writing down stories and thoughts as they came into my head I decided to start "organising" and "planning." So I've set up a "blog folder" in my computer file with various files. I have a couple of semi written postings in draft form and headings for future articles as thoughts have occurred to me. I have started to think about planning what I write more specifically and giving some structure to my entries. Maybe they should have a starter, main and plenary and of course it is important that the reader makes progress in their understanding and there can be tangible evidence of this by the end.