Saturday, 14 November 2009

I am dead nervous because I'm about to post details of this blog on my facebook wall. That means that some people might actually read it. Not much point in writing a blog if that doesn't happen is there?! What if it's a load of boring rubbish? Some of the things I've written have made me giggle but it's fairly normal for me to be the only person laughing at my jokes.
Since I bought my house a couple of months ago my perspective on a number of things has changed. I was aware of the snowball effect. Start making little changes here and there and then things snowball and the whole house is being gutted. Yeah, whatever, I thought to myself. That will never happen with me; my philosophy is if it's not broke then don't fix it. I purposely bought a property that, to my novice eyes, was pretty perfect cosmetically. Neutral colours, newly fitted kitchen, alright bathroom and more than bearable carpets. The only thing which needed to be done was central heating being fitted. In my thinking that would then be it. In addition to a few more pieces of furniture which I'd save up for.
Sleep. What a blessing to have a good night's sleep. To put your head down on the pillow after a long day, close your eyes and wake up the next day refreshed and ready to face the challenges of a new day. Yeah, well, if it were that simple. I won't share the details of my own battles against sleep-less-ness; it's a long story, I'd bore you to tears and you'd probably be asleep by the time I'd finished. There are some people who get 8 hours night after night; I find they are nicer people for it. We need people like that in the world. They are cool, calm and collected. They balance out the crabby, ill tempered, grumpy dudes who permanently suffer from sleep deprivation; and that's not just first time parents with a wakeful 1 month year old.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Winter. No, no, no.....don't like it. Dark long nights, less hours of daylight. Lets be positive, there must be things to like about it. Erm, lets see. Bright, crisp and frosty days when the sun is brilliant and you feel your lungs filled up with fresh air and goodness as you breath in deeply. Yes, well, just as long as you make sure you finish your time in the great outdoors before 4pm when it gets dark. That's the best I can do. I know some people say they enjoy being all cosy inside with a cup of cocoa and a roaring fire on a winter's evening. My problem is that I just can't put out of my mind long summer evenings when you can go out for a walk at 9pm and it's still light and watch a beautiful sunset. Got to put that thought right out of my mind now!

Best go and make my mug of cocoa. Might not have a roaring fire but I'm very thankful for my central heating and warm radiators. You see, I have found something positive after all; get to use my fancy "portable" thermostat and enjoy my central heating. And daylight will come in the morning!
Being tidy? I so want to be tidy... a place for everything and everything in it's place. BUT, deciding the place in the first place AND then sticking to it. Aaaggghhh, gotta get this sorted. You can learn to be tidy can't you? Sure hope so!
Ouch, woman and diets. Everywhere you turn, in the female world, there is someone talking about their weight. I am just the same! I have a "MissAnna" weight which I am happy with, but even when I am there, I get "greedy" for greater weight loss so I can be a little more slender. Why is thin so attractive? I get so cross when I watch yet another movie where the lead woman is a size 6. OK, I can handle it, I know it is not realistic for a "normal woman" to be that weightless. She hardly eats, spends half her life at the gym and is always hungry! But what about teenage girls? In a world which is so image conscious and where it is perceived that being attractive on the outside is all important to being loved and valued by the opposite sex, the only conclusion to be drawn is that the slimmer you are the better and more likely to find "Mr Right."
The inspiration behind the name for this blog was the following short article I wrote after watching a DVD called "fruitcake and ice cream."

Fruit cake and ice cream
What a gorgeous combination to excite your taste buds! The name is not a new Ben and Jerry’s flavour but the title of a DVD describing the growing friendship between an American final year student named Ashley and her roommate, Crystal who she nicknamed “fruitcake.” The cranky nickname will become clear over time! As their friendship grew they developed a common love of ice cream and, at significant moments would delve deep into the fridge and have massive binge sessions.
hey everyone

welcome to my first blog entry. I have decided to write a blog cos I got so much to write down and there isn't enough space on facebook.

called my blog "cake and ice cream" cos that's such a delicious sounding name and makes you want to find out more...